TS Seduction

TS Seduction


Let me tell you something about porn. It is super easy to get into it. Just find the video that you are comfortable in watching, and give in to the thrill. Let the visual stimulation envelop your being, and allow your body to physically respond to the sexual scenes that you are currently watching. If you are still fairly new to it, then that would not be too difficult. Just like by having sex for the first time, the body will be more than eager to jump into the new sexual rollercoaster and invite every stimulus with fervor. However, after watching it for quite some time now, maybe for a couple of years, sometimes even less, the scenes could get quite repetitive. You will learn to memorize the themes and you will reach a point where you will already be able to discern what’s going to happen next in the scene, which is not good when you are watching porn because the real stimulation lies in the element of surprise.

Hence, we always make it a point to search for porn sites that will really tickle your fancy for the unique. You have seen us feature in our reviews porn sites like intense anal porn scenes, feet fetish, and other types of unique porn niches. This time around, the unique niche that we are featuring is transsexual, or tranny sex, or whatever you want to call it. Just be sure that the ladies that you are going to see here also have hard cocks as well. Yes, you have read it right. It is not a mistake in the placement of our pronouns, but the real deal. In the porn site that we are going feature today, TSSeduction, the ladies here are not only fucked but they can fuck as well. Talk about double purpose! You will never grow bored with the beauties here, and you might not be able to appreciate the regular woman ever again after seeing these ladies in action!

What’s more is that they are also a part of the prestigious network, Kink. Kink is known in the porn industry as a provider of different high-quality porn sites that uphold a lot of different porn niches, some that you might not be able to find elsewhere. Some of their most well-known porn sites are Dungeon Sex, Everything Butt, and my personal favorite, Ultimate Surrender, where you will get to watch two women wrestle it out with each other. The loser will be at the winner’s mercy after the naked combat. Naked Combat is a pun by the way since they also have another porn site called NakedKombat.

Site Layout

The website design of the porn site follows the black and red style of the Kink network. It also follows its simple and minimalistic aesthetic. One thing that I would like to take note, though, is the landing page that you will be able to see before entering the site. It is very much unlike the other landing pages that you will get to see in other premium porn sites.

We know what you are thinking, these are the pages that advice people who are not of proper age to leave the porn site. However, this porn site’s landing page is not so. It takes in mind the enjoyment of the online visitor. It only bears a question of what type of content you’d want to see: straight, gay, or both? It’s very thoughtful of them, don’t you think? To take into account the personal and specific preferences of the visitor. In this way, you would not need to worry seeing content that you don’t want to anymore. The content that you are going to see have already been filtered beforehand to your liking. This also saves you a lot of time wading through content that you would otherwise not enjoy seeing.

Chicks and Movies

Let us now proceed to the ladies of TSSeduction. As what we have mentioned above, the ladies here are all transsexual. There wasn’t any mention regarding their specific nationality or type, so you can expect a lot of variety and that the only common denominator among them is that they are all chicks with dicks. Do not be mistaken, though. I know that a lot of you guys are pretty wary about tranny porn. The reason is because a lot of us dislike that manly look, especially those whose personal gender preference are straight women. However, if this is your worry, then you don’t need to think about it anymore.

Take it from me. The ladies that you are going to see here are all really feminine. You would not even notice that they actually have cocks in between their thighs without removing their sexy lingerie. In fact, some of the guys here in the office are even convinced that some of the ladies here probably have prosthetic body parts or even CGIs (if you know what I mean). But they are not. These ladies are the real deal. They are not fake at all, and a lot of them are even more beautiful than a lot of girls I know. That’s how awesome the ladies here are!

Bottom Line

We really recommend this channel. We cannot stress enough how much we have enjoyed watching their videos. Joining the Kink network is also a must for those of you who don’t just want to watch videos, but create your own steamy sexcapades in real life. Why so? The reason is because the porn network also serves as a specialty shop where you will be able to buy the best and rarest sex toys that you would not be able to find elsewhere. Did you see a certain “gadget” that they have used in one of the videos? Chances are, they’re also for sale! Enjoy.

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