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The Mofos Network is a site, where you can gain access to a big-ass collection of hardcore porn movies, covering the reality-porn as a main niche, and a lot of sub-niches included in the videos. The site itself promises real amateurs getting picked and fucked hard in their home or in public places. Since reality-porn is a double-agent in the porn industry, you will surely get some strange feelings crawling in your mind as you shake your cock watching the scenes. Is it real? Is it fake? Are these girls real or they are playing a role? There is no sure answer, so you need to be satisfied with a dim ‘maybe’ as an answer. If you do some research you can see that the reality-porn is tricky, since the girls may be actual amateurs, but there could be some porn starlets among them too, playing the role of the silly cunt that fuck for money. You may also notice that there are many things in the videos which are usually associated with the professional porn, like the perfect make-up, having sex without condom, and the moneyshot on the belly or the facial.

After this short speculative detour, let’s take a look at the actual facts. The Mofos Network consists of 22 porn sites, focusing on different niches and situations. All sites can be considered as series, featuring stunning girls in various hardcore videos. There are more than 2000 videos of over 1600 hot chicks distributed through the network members, but you can access all of them from the main members’ hub. With the regular updates the number of scenes increases rapidly. Apart from the Mofos Network scenes, you get access to some live chats and cam shows too. The best bonus is the two extra tubes, featuring heavy hardcore porn, covering a bit of kinky a bit of taboo.

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Site Layout

Everybody like the clear and well laid-out sites, that load fast and all texts and pictures are sharp and clear. The Mofos Network’s site is just like that, in both versions. The desktop site has a lot more thumbnails listed than the mobile site, but that’s just fine, since the tour gives you a chance to watch trailers on portable devices and computers too. The mobile site is simple, and offers the same features, with a totally optimized user interface, which lets you to browse the content without having to enlarge the page.

The Mofos Network has a basic search engine on the site, though you may also browse the videos, using some other sorting options. In the members’ zone, you can easily switch between the network sites and the bonus tubes. When it comes to the videos, there are two alternatives: the casual porn watchers can play the videos in the embedded player and jerk off as soon as they can, while the collectors shall appreciate the unlimited download options, that lets them enjoy the highest qualities. The Mofos Network also offers picture sets for almost all videos, including actual photos with posing, and some video captions too.

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Chicks and Movies

How do you recognize professional porn? There are lots of ways to tell the professional from the amateur: first, you can enjoy the high quality of the picture, the stable handling and cutting. Second, the girls are all wearing lots of make-up so they could even lie about their age. And then there is the lighting, the overplayed innocence and the easily recognizable prewritten sentences. It’s quite sure that you already get the picture about the videos of the Mofos Network, and you know that no matter what the site claims, these girl are not amateurs, and the movies produced here are all reality porn movies. So, the models of the site are not real amateurs, though most of them only have 3-5 movies made until now, and thus they could be considered only as semi-professionals. You must give them that the guys at the Mofos Network are picking the cutest chicks, which are not just eager and fresh, but they also do a wonderful job with any cock they need to handle.

If you tour around the site, you can use the models’ index, and gather some information about these cuties. As you will see on their profile, all of them claim to be under twenty, and they all have multiple videos made. The best thing about the girls of the Mofos Network is that most of them are natural chicks, with nice round tits, and so crazy ass that you spank and fuck them all day long. Since the Mofos Network is in the reality-porn business, the videos here are all scripted, and the girls only have one role: play innocent, and fuck like there is no tomorrow. The scenes are usually covering a situation that for some mysterious reasons turns into heavy hardcore porn. The videos made by the network are all sorted into series (the sites of the network), like the I Know That Girl, Pervs On Patrol or the newest craziness, the Busted Babysitters.

Throughout the network sites, you can find more than 2000 videos, uploaded to the respective sites, and the regular updates are causing this number to grow consistently. The niches covered by these videos are many, and most of them are coming from the heavier categories. When you start watching a movie, you will see that there are really nasty things going on, and though some girls are debuting in the porn industry, they do everything they told to do, which includes deepthroat, anal and creampies too.

Bottom Line

The videos on the Mofos Network are captured by the highest standards, the girls are gorgeous, the sex is awesome and the situations are steamy. If you think that you have seen everything during your life, than you should check these videos, because they might show you stuff you’ve never dreamt of. If you decide to give it a try, you will soon consider it a good decision, and not just because you get over 2000 Mofos videos, but you shall think of the other bonuses you get, like the third party tubes providing you with professional, studio-made heavy hardcore porn.


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