My Pickup Girls

My Pickup Girls


If you are an avid porn watcher, you must have come across numerous platforms consisting of a similar idea as My Pickup Girls; sure! My Pickup Girls has something to do with selecting dames in the streets and banging them in public places. The porn site boasts to entail no pre-arranged plots and expert filming. It is evident that they are all amateurs, and everything is unplanned and volcanic-hot and natural. Welcome!

Site Layout

The site design is basic, it has a seamless navigation feature, and the layout is excellent. The media is displayed from the latest to the oldest and one can as well filter the scenes by views, rating or alphabetically by title. The flicks also come with keyword tags and if you click on them you will be directed to a page containing the same material, which match with whichever tag you pick. Surfing is not chiefly hard, even though superior features could be included to render it even better. I did find a unique entity. Video downloads are classified by operating system and by portable device, hence, for instance, if you are utilizing Apple TV, Windows 7 or Mac OS, then you will get 4 distinct qualities of MPEG4 format downloads. If you own iPhone, Android, or iPad, there are 3 MPEG4 qualities provided. The images can be viewed onsite or saved in ZIP files. Users can run a slideshow and the image sizes for this are a tad lower, however on can also zero in the pictures to the definite dimension.

Chicks and Movies

This platform is yet another porn portal, which seeks to sweep you off your feet with films of random girls being picked up on the street and getting banged! My Pickup Girls is part of a network of platforms and your subscription offers you entry to extra 5 platforms that are Cash for Sex Tape, Chicki Porn, Student Sex Parties, Porn Travelling, and Hard Fuck Tales. Their entire material appears good and when it comes to the clips you receive dozens of alternatives. Initially, there are720p as well as 432p Flash streams. The finest MP4 comes with bitrates of 4100 kilobytes and resolutions of 1280 X 720 pixels. The lowest quality I saw had dimensions of 480 X 272 and bitrates of 368 Kbps. Since many of the downloads are MPEG4s there is one AVI download cataloged under the windows XP and vista list and it is a great quality with 1025 X 576 pixels and bitrates of 2582 Kilobytes per second. Images come in folders of about 100. The biggest photos are 1600 X 1067 and they are crisp and detailed with a snapshot appearance to them. Normally, together with a cameraman to film the scenes, there is a paparazzo on site to capture images of the girls dressed, being seduced and being banged as well. The theme is lots of amusement and several films run a length of at best 40 minutes. Some moments are spent hunting down the girls, however a great percentage of the movies offer banging and blowjobs. There are about 80 films comprising anal sex, just in case that is your preference. The rest of the movies show vaginal pounding, however scenes habitually differ, too. In some episodes one might find 2 girls taking on one dude or two fellows devastating away at one girl’s openings.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, this site offers good quality and volcanic heat. The platform entails sufficient material to render a go of it, however the deal is syrupy owing to the extra sites. It is an incredible platform with tons of distinct and amusing locale where the chicks love being fucked. Join My Pickup Girls soon, even sooner!

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