I Love GFs

I Love GFs


Amateurs are probably the most favorite category out there, right now, and with a good reason. They are natural, realistic, and you cannot really see all the burnt out acting that some professionals tend to do. Once you step into the domain of ilovegfs, you are surely to stay there for a while, as they tend to be very captivating, very seductive, and bring gifts, as well, gifts which I will talk about later, so read on.

Site Layout

The design of this site is as simple as they get, luring you in from the first moment, with a gigantic collage of images taken from the videos, right at the top of the screen. That very collage is tempting enough to get me start looking at the videos and photos, reserved for member, only, though paying and joining really had its benefits, which I will mention later. The video section is nicely organized, with a search bar and sorting options, all there to make your stay more pleasurable. Apart from those, another thing that was noticeable was the absolute lack of lag during surfing. Now as this site has a lot of viewers, and the videos and photos are accessed constantly, the lack of lag is really a good thing, especially since you would not want your time gone on loading of buffering. The same goes for mobile devices, TV’s and other portable devices, where the site loads perfectly, and is adapted to the device, showing a good optimization and user friendliness.

Chicks and Movies

I was astounded by the girls on this site, as they are numerous, and very different, too. Since this is a site dedicated to amateurs, finding a girl that suits your needs is really easy, as there is every type of girl that you would want to see. If you prefer your women to be chubbier, you could have them, or skinnier, you could have them, as well. There are fit girls, and your average next door girls, which become not so average once they take their panties off. Enjoying three dicks at once is no problem for these ladies, especially given the fact that they are hungry for sex and very passionate. The thing is that they are amateurs, meaning that the videos are user submitted, so they will vary in quality and in content. The quality goes as far as full HD, sometimes even more, depending on how adamant the amateurs were, though sometimes, it looks as if they were shot with a mobile phone. That does not make the content less enjoyable, especially because it is real, and shot by people who enjoyed their time and had fun doing it. When it comes to the extras the site offers, it comes as an option to download the videos, or stream them, though you could download the photos, too, as the numbers of downloads are limitless.

Bottom Line

Starting your own amateur collection is easy and you could do it too, once you join ilovegfs , the site which has the most stunning amateurs out there, all sex crazy, and there to provide you with pleasure. With all the videos and photos being submitted by users, you could enjoy the real life content of people fucking and having fun, especially since you could download them all. Having access to 20 more bonus sites is a real pleasure, as there is plenty of different content.