Trick Your GF

Trick Your GF


This site has a really nasty fantasy covered: the guys find out that the bitch they share their home and bed with was unfaithful, so they decide to break up. But since they are just as perverted as their girl, they set up a trap. The guys offer blindfolded sex-fun for the girls but instead of fucking them hard for the last time, they get a friend fuck them. Get ready for some nasty fun, and surprised faces as you start exploring the TrickYourGF. The TrickYourGF is over a year old. It started with an update schedule with two videos per month, though it seems to be slowed down: there is usually a flick added every month. Nonetheless the collection is really good, there are more than 40 videos here and with their average length of 20 minutes they should keep you busy until a new episode arrives. Every video here is exclusive, and there is no chance that this mischievous collection could be access anywhere else. It’s a DirtyFlix site however, which also means that you can enjoy a lot more porn than you could have hoped for. As you join the TrickYourGF, you get to the network’s hub, and you can start exploring this site’s and its family’s collection. There are more European porn for you, but if you also enjoy US porn (you will notice the difference) you can find sites with that too, and some Europe-based pages of the network feature US episodes too. The DirtyFlix is an upcoming network, and with the changes they made to their sites lately (e.g. there are trailers on some pages at last) it’s on the good way to be a big shot. All videos you can find here are exclusive, and they offer greatly varied hardcore fun.

Site Layout

There are some really large thumbnails listed on the home page of the TrickYourGF, and also the list features a description and a few lower-size thumbs. The design is easy on the eyes. The tour offers a few pages of the videos’ list, but there are no trailers here, though you get the picture about the videos really soon. After you join the site, you get to a well-built and good-looking members’ zone. The top of the page features the network statistics, and under the banner, you can see the actual main menu. You can change sites, browse the bonuses and reach some other content from there. There is a search bar, and the scenes’ list has several filtering and sorting options. These are some high quality flicks. If you go for the download option, you can choose from multiple settings, and among them, you can find Full-HD too. The older scenes might have lower specifications, they are still hot, and offer mostly HD playback. For online watching the TrickYourGF offers an SD stream of Flash videos, so for the best quality, you have to download the videos. Zipped up picture galleries are available, but the in-browser viewing is also a good option. Though the tour page is not, the members’ zone mobile-optimized.

Chicks and Movies

The TrickYourGF has some very hot girls for you to see. If you know the DirtyFlix network, you may also know that most models they are working with are Europeans. This is especially true for the girls of the TrickYourGF; well, also the guys are Europeans. In these videos mostly Russian and Czech couples appear, and the site’s name depicts some unexpected things ought to happen. Most beauties here are Caucasians, and as far as their age concerned, they fit into the girlfriend category quite easily. However, some models seem to be a bit older, though their tight body doesn’t really tell about that, only the shine of experience in their eyes. Don’t get the site’s idea wrong, these are not amateur girls. We just can’t imagine any scenario when a girl would ask for more when she finds out that she has been offered to be fucked by a stranger… So, the girls here are professionals, just as the lads, but they play their roles very nicely, but after a bit of struggling, they give in and ask for some harder pounding. The folks who shot the videos knew how important is it to show the girls’ whole body, and so they do it in a way that makes it possible for the viewer to see the girls in all angles. As far as we can see, there are only natural girls here. Now, the videos here are really mean. The girls are going to be tricked into fucking with another guy, who they don’t expected to be there. Naturally, the videos here are not real, they are staged and scripted. Everyone knows what to expect, though some tears and messed make-ups are do appear, which makes it much more believable. Another very good idea that makes it more likely that the videos are not that highly lighted, and the environment is not studio-like at all. The scenes are shot in different bedrooms with average stuff in them, so you might even believe that they are real footages. What the girls get is really hot. In most cases they have to suck the cock they are given, while they also get their fair share of licking. Since the girls are mostly tied up and blindfolded the site has a bit fetishist edge, and the sometimes happening anal sex just push the collection into the heavy hardcore site’s list. Every video is full, and they quite long; the scenes usually run for more than 15-20 minutes.

Bottom Line

The TrickYourGF is a really neat porn site. Though there aren’t too frequent updates, the collection on itself is quite exciting, and the sex in the videos is nasty and really arousing. European girls getting a surprise they are not expecting is something that you should see. Fortunately all videos are subscripted so you can always know what’s going on.