Danni Harwood

Danni Harwood


Danni Harwood is a hot European Blonde who is known in the porn world for her soft-core videos. She was a playboy model and is blessed with looks and a figure which will make any man go ga-ga. Her website Danni Harwood is where she shares her pictures and wonderful contents to arouse her fans and give them a hard dick. As said she mainly specialises in soft-core action, fetish and lesbian action to titillate her lovers. Though in this website you will find numerous other bomb-shells, Danni is the main star of the show. Those luscious boobs, those kissable lips, that stunning body and the way she uses them in action will make way for splendid viewing. The website started in the year 2010 and in a span of 5 years it has managed to gather quite a number of fans. There are many who after going through its contents have stated that it is the best fetish and soft-core porn site which they have ever come across. Though it would be difficult to state whether it is the best site functioning in the cyber realm, there is no trace of doubt that it does give some damn good contents to its regular members and its viewers. As you lay down your first step into Danni Harwood, you will find sexy Danni welcoming you with her divine figure and a sweet message. This is in fact which grabbed my attention. Every picture is sublime and appears so life-like. Call me crazy but there were instances when it appeared to me as if this is no picture and this erotic blonde is actually sitting in front of me calling out my name. Another thing is that I personally am not much into this fetish stuff and am more of the hard-core porn lover, but as I visited the website I actually understood how sexy fetish porn can actually be. So if you dig such fetish sex stuff, you will fall in love with Danni and her lair. You will find the website to be quite attractive. The design is quite appealing to the eyes and all the pictures appear so striking. Everything is perfect, the lightening, the angles, the glamour-everything! Most of these pics involve Danni in her birth attires doing solo acts. But as you dig deep into the website you will find there are some erotic twosomes, scintillating fetish pics and also a herd of kinky action to make you horny and sex-cited! The website offers a biography section which allows you to check out facts about Danny and the number of videos which she has participated in. However, a coin has two sides and so it is also important to highlight some of the disappointments of the website. For starters, the website has not enough contents and that means that the website does not get as many updates as it should. There is hardly anything to cheer for in the bonus section, plus there isn’t any blogs or live shows or journals. The most disappointing thing is that usually in such websites you find a medium by which you can interact or at least communicate with the head or main attraction of that website. But here there is no such medium to interact with this sizzling blonde. However there have been news that the website makers including Danni is trying to put in more number of contents and also increase the number of updates which as per the data gathered received just one in the last month.

Site Layout

When we talk about the design of the website there are some good points and also some bad points. Let us kick start with the good things. The website is wonderful in terms of its navigation. With the menu options and the navigation keys displayed clearly in the home page, you can check out any part of the website which appeals to you. The design of the website is also quite impressive. As you step into the website you will find sexy Danni welcoming you in her birth clothes. The website also provides you with a biography section which will enable you to check out all the important things you want to know about this sizzling blonde. Plus with the details you will also be able to find out all the videos which she has acted in. The membership method is easy! You just have to click on the member option which will take you to the sign up area. You will find that there are some blanks which need to be filled. Simply fill in those blank spaces with the correct information and submit the request. As you get a confirmation from the website’s end, your account will be active. In that sign up page you will find information about all the subscription packages and choosing the one which goes with your wallet you can apply for your private account. However now we come to the flaws of the website. The biggest issue with this promising porn portal is that it doesn’t get the amount of updates which it ought to and this is what has prevented it from becoming a top fetish and soft-core website. The second flaw is the bonus section is basically empty and the third flaw is that there is no telling how often these contents are updated.

Chicks and Movies

Leaving all the flaws on one side, the hotness and steaminess of Danni is one of the main reasons why the website is still so popular. She is the star of the website and when you visit the website you will have no doubts as to why it is so. She will be seen engaging with equally beautiful girls in some of the raunchiest fetish and soft core porn, you’ve ever come across. When Danni rubs her gorgeous tits against the faces or boobs of other beautiful women and when in between all that she introduces all kinds of kinky sex toys, the action is simply enthralling. She will be seen fingering herself, masturbating or fisting her female comrades’ glory holes, using restrain kits. She will also be seen using dildos to insert herself as well as her female mates and also supporting all kinds of eccentric costumes to raise a few degrees. There is a biography section which you can use if you want to know more about this busty blonde. As for the videos, most of them are shot with state of the art cameras, which mean that the action which you will get will be more or less in Blue ray video formats. You will find videos of solo acts, some kinky stuff as well as lesbian rendezvous to titillate your senses and make you hard within your boxers. These videos have stunning sound quality and during the course of action you will also get to hear those subtle words which take place between the actors. The videos can be downloaded to your desktop following the standard download procedures and can also be viewed directly online, using a flash media player. The pictures are as good as the videos. In spite of being shot in a host of different places and under different settings, they are stunning in its clarity. They too can be downloaded all together in one zip file. There are about 200+ videos and about 230+ picture galleries for you to browse through.

Bottom Line

As a final say, Danni Harwood is a website which promises fetish and soft-core porn of the highest order. Very rarely will you find so many hot girls engaging with each other in a celebration of sex. The videos make way for great viewing and the subscriptions will not prove to be a burden for your pockets. So all that’s left for you to do is log into the website and set up your own membership account. The contents are amazing and will leave you awe-struck most of the times. So cheers to that!