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The VideosZ is a hardcore porn videos’ archive, which launched 13 years ago, and has been updating since then. Among the promises of the site you can see hardcore sex, high quality and regular updates. Let’s take a look at these promises, whether they are met or not. As far as the heaviness and hardcore nature of the videos are concerned, the site stands up to its promises. Since it is a badass collection site, an archive, you can enjoy here a great variety of porn videos, ranging from middle-hardcore to the heaviest hardcore stuff with fetishes, roughs sex or interracial sexual encounters. Due to the archive nature of the site, it’s only expectable that the quality is a bit inconsistent.

However, it’s varied only a bit. The latest scenes are usually added in HD or even Full-HD, and since the videos here are sometimes more than a decade old, the worse quality you can reach here is a simple-definition, DVDs quality is usually good, even if it’s only 480p. The updates are strong. There are usually at least one scene added a day, but if you join, you might notice that multiple daily additions also appear… and quite frequently, so you will always find something now and hot to jerk-off to. Since there are more than 16,000 DVDs’ material on the VideosZ, you can enjoy nearly 100,000 scenes. These scenes cover circa 80-90 niches, from plain sex to transsexual porn too. It’s probably quite evident that with the daily updates and the huge collection, you shouldn’t possibly hope for any extras… the membership on itself is a big bad extra.

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Site Layout

Though there are not trailers on the site, the VideosZ might get you the best tour you’ve ever taken before. The site is nicely built, fast and responsive, so browsing is quite a joy. From the main menu, you can list everything you want, so you can look if your favorite stars or series are featured in there. You can also take a look at the network sites, which are just thematic teaser pages. If you played enough, you should head inside. The members’ area has some nice options. It’s just expected to offer good navigation in light of the fact that there are nearly 100,000 scenes on the site.

You can browse the girls, the DVDs or the niches, but a search engine is also provided. The player is quite large, and if you can choose from several options. There are Flash videos too, but the newer ones are usually streamed in MP4, and the player plays them nicely. You can enjoy the videos streamed in HD too. Saving the scenes is also possible, so you can get your collection of porn build up in no time. However take note that there is a download limit which resets daily, 200 scenes per day are allowed.

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Chicks and Movies

So, where to start? It’s quite hard to describe the models here, because as an archive site, the VideosZ have everything you need. Females, males and trannies all appear and do the nasty on your screen. Let’s take a look at the female models first, since there is quite a high chance that you are a male, and you are looking for either straight porn or lesbian videos. Due to the fact that the VideosZ is an archive collecting site, the videos here are all studio made. This simply rules out the possibility of providing you with amateur porn, and the girls here all professionals. There is great variety here, because the videos come from all around the Globe: there are scenes from DVDs of probably all continents. You can enjoy here the mischievous, yet sexy doings of Asian, Black, Latina, Indian and even Arab girls… and naturally the majority is still of the Caucasian models’.

Also the girls are different in age, nationality and appearance: from cute perky tits to huge fake (or even real natural) breasts everything appears; also you can enjoy here neat tight-bodied girls, just as some actually large BBWs. Among the DVDs you can find here lots of shemale porn too, so if you are into girl-like people with cocks and tits, you might enjoy that part of the collection. As far as we can detect, there is no gay porn here, the heavies thing are the tranny-sex videos. Since it’s studio porn, you can see that all videos are shot and captured in professional manner; or at least the folks doing them were trying very hard to make it as good as possible. Some videos feature darker elements like BDSM, gagging and interracial sex; also lots of fetishes appear in these flicks.

If you are seeking variety, but you don’t want to join multiple sites or networks, the VideosZ is a good place to start. Since it has all kind of porn, you can enjoy here a very diverse collection. You can watch nasty European porn with all the dirty elements you are looking for, just as you can see the bit sterile mainstream porn from the States… and we didn’t even mentioned the hot Asian, especially the Japanese, porn scenes.

Bottom Line

The VideosZ is a great archive site. It has been around for a long time, and it has piled of a huge number of porn from all around. With the access to this great collection, you will see what happens when quality meets quantity and instead of competing they team up. There are great pornstars here too, and they come from all around and from all age-ranges, so you can find your niches surely covered in the videos. Also some of the biggest porn directors and actors are featured, so you will be able to enjoy top-notch porn on this recommended site.

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