Czech Taxi

Czech Taxi


Believe it or not, being a taxi driver is the best job in the world. Or at least this is what you will understand as soon as you watch the content lined up in the website Czech Taxi. The site though comprises of lesser number of materials, they are all stunning both in their sexual content and will definitely give an experience which you have never got before. In the site, you will find a guy who is a taxi driver who roams around the streets of the Czech region picking up only hot passenger who wants to take a ride in his cab. However you will find that all the passengers whom he picks up are women.

The guy sure has balls with the way he engages in a conversation with them and just as he gets close enough he tries his luck to seduce them into having sex with him inside his vehicle. Though this is a concept which you probably must have not come across elsewhere and that is what makes the website so exciting and exclusive. The guy definitely has good taste in the women whom he decides to give a ride in his cab. He expectedly offers then cost effective fares and also discounts in the bill which comes up in his taxi meter. The premise of the site is pretty simple and hence when you step into the home page, you will find that there are there are about 19-20 videos to enjoy. Plus there are no picture galleries which you can enjoy. But the videos are superb in its quality and do make way for superb viewing. When I was touring the site for the first time, I noticed that the girls were amateur girls and not professionals.

Some of them were normal passengers while some appeared to be prostitutes who sell themselves on the streets. This guy builds up a rapport with them and puts them at the mercy of his dick. The fucking is superb and each and every single aspect is captured with the hidden camera which is placed inside the car. The cameras appear to be quite state of the art and that makes way for the videos to be in superb HD formats. One of the best things here is that the site offers plenty of incentives which you can avail after setting up an account here. Being a part of the Czech Av Network, once you become one of its affiliates, you will get the chance to avail all the other networks which are under its set up. Some of the popular porn links which you can access after attaining membership are Czech Streets, Czech Lesbians, Czech Gang bang, Czech Sharking and many more! There are plenty more to be discussed regarding this site and its technicalities, so keep on reading the remainder of the review.

Site Layout

As you enter in the home page, you will find that there is a pleasing banner displaying some of the action which the site provides. Just below are the navigation options which you can count on in accessing all the different pages of the site. In the left side of the home page, you will also find a brief description which you can read to come to terms with what the website provides and also with all the latest previews lined up in organized fashion, you will feel that all the important details as well as the elements which you hopped to find out in the site are present right before your eye line. The website is also quite responsive to whatever clicks or requests you make and that accounts for the smooth accessibility.

The video previews appear to be in HD formats and you can check them out with just clicking on them. The impressive streaming speed with make the previews run without any interruptions and watching them will give you a great idea about the quality which the site provides to its viewers. However if you desire to check out the videos in its complete lengths, then you will have to set up an account of your own. You will have to click on the join now option and enter your name and also your email address and with that you will also have to select a username and a password which you will use every time you want to check into your account. The rate of subscriptions is also present on that very page and choosing the one which suits your pockets, you can send out your request immediately. A confirmation will grant you with affiliation here and from that moment you will be able to check out all the content of this site as well as the bonus sites which are provided in the packages. The rate of subscriptions is also, cost effective and will not burden you in any way.

The payment will have to be carried out using your credit or debit card or using cheque and if you run into any problems, simply get in touch with the site’s customer care help desk. The site is RTA certified and runs its operation under the strict laws of the land. It is also compatible with most of the mobile versions and that means that irrespective of whether you are an Android, Windows or say iPhone user, you can download as well as stream the vids easily using your hand sets.

Chicks and Movies

The girls are not actors; they are real women whom you associate with your daily lives. However the guy who runs the cab does have good taste in his women and so in every one of the videos, you will come across some of the best amateur Czech women in the land. The fuck sessions are really erotic and take place at the back seat of his vehicle. They are shot with hidden HD cameras and so most of the vids are in superb quality. Some of the resolutions even reach up to 1280x720p HD formats and they are downloaded in MP4, MOV as well as WMV formats. Streaming them is also an option. The bonus sites are also great additions made by the site and so setting up an account here means you are getting plenty of stimulating hours to titillate yourself.

Bottom Line

Czech Taxi has been consistent in its content. They deal with a unique idea which has also been appreciated by porn lovers across the globe. The site is new and only with time will transpire into one of the most visited portals in the realm. But for now, you should think of applying for affiliation as it will give you great value for money.

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