CBT And Ball Busting

CBT And Ball Busting


BDSM porn sites usually bring the kind of action that will leave your knees wobbling. However, CBTandBallBusting is an adult site that offers more than this. It brings you sexual intensity in its very best form. If you are a man, it’s better you keep your legs closed and ensure that you stay as far away as possible from the women on this adult site. On the other hand, if you are a woman then it is most definitely time to pick up those dominatrix sex skills that will leave your man respecting you in the bedroom. They do not have anything better to do but simply best balls and do all sorts of nasty things to their men’s genitals. If you thought that there weren’t any guys who want to know what it feels like when they are taken out of their sexual comfort zone, this site will prove you that the world is kinkier than you imagined. Who knows? You may be one of these cats.

While CBTandBallBusting is a name that takes things to the next level, this adult platform could not choose a better name for itself. They do a great job of ensuring that you are well prepared for what is to come. It also lets you know that there will be ball busting BDSM and as such, you better be open-minded enough in order to make your world of pleasure turn upside down. It is safe to say that ball busting adult sites are not saturated in the adult world and as such, you will be getting a whole new sexual experience and brand new perspective to kink.

All of the women on the site are raw dominatrixes who are willing to take you straight to the edge of paradise with these unorthodox way of pleasure. The site is not one-sided as if covers all types of fetishes. Pummeling is the name of the game and submission is exactly what you will be doing. CBTandBallBusting has been in existence for over five years and as such, you can fully rely on the level of entertainment that you get here. The site is exclusive and you will not be able to thoroughly make the most of the scenes and that is exactly what you will do as soon as you catch a glimpse of the action in here. Apart from the promise of watching the captivating action, the scenes are provided in top-notch HD. There are hundreds upon hundreds of scenes that prove what we already know, there is nothing worse than a woman’s scorn.

Site Layout

As on any other adult site, CBTandBallBusting kicks things off with a display of the latest scenes that have been newly added to the homepage. You do not have to go to the member’s area to find out the kind of excitement that is in store for you because right from your login, you will be submerged in a pool of pleasure. The scenes may not have array dates attached to them but it does not take long to figure out that the collection keeps growing bigger and bigger.

You do not only get access to the collection that the very site has to offer but also a free pass to three bonus sites that all fall under the SmuttyPassNetwork. The organization to the scenes here is out of this world and the page beautifully leads one offer another. CBTandBallBusting boasts of 278+ scenes and 56+ galleries that have nothing other than high-resolution films. The site also has a dark ground color that complements the sober mood that all of the action represents. The galleries comprise of photos that have mainly been shot at the same location.

Chicks and Movies

The models that you get to enjoy on CBTandBallBusting are ruthless and have a way of getting what they want whether it is given to them willingly or they take it against their partners will. Although they try to wear a smile for you, they mean business as you will see. As they derive pleasure from putting these men through hardcore experiences that will have them scarred for life, you will know that they are not to be played with.

They do not have to hold a whip in hand in order for them to show you exactly who the boss is, the fact that they can tie their partners’ cock using a rope, bite on their penis tips and electrocute them lets you know that they do not have one ounce of mercy within them. If you thought that you had seen it all then you are about to be part of a world that will open you up to so many new possibilities.

Those who are kinkier than usual go for ass teasing, where they tie up their partners on the bed as their faces are directing the flour and restrain them to the point that they cannot be able to move. From here, they tease their ass with their fingers, pushing it down to the point of discomfort. The scenes are quite intense and they will leave you clenching your teeth and grabbing on anything that you could to find comfort.

Bottom Line

CBTandBallBusting is a great site for a number of reasons. The decent quality of scenes, easy streaming and downloads and the over availability of content are things that you may not necessarily get to enjoy on other porn platforms. The site has done its best to build a heavenly collection that is going to entertain you in only the best of ways. With such promise of great entertainment, you won’t find anything to complain about. I mean, the site has all that you need from a good porn site and much more.


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