It the 18BJ videos, some very-very hot girls are sucking stiff cocks. These scenes come from various sources and they feature different types of girls, and different styles in capturing and performing. As you are going to see, the videos of the 18BJ are quite long, and truth to be told they are not focusing on the blowjobs necessarily. The scenes you can find here originate from different hardcore DVDs, and the blowjobs, though the site name forecasts otherwise, are just the regular sucking sessions.

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Site Layout

We can’t say too much about the home page’s design because it’s actually non-existent. The videos are just listed in a few columns and rows through a few pages, and that’s it. However, don’t let your hopes down, because the members’ are will prove to be quite for all your needs. The main menu is the most major tool you could use to reach the content: it can take you to the DVDs list, you could enter the models’ database from here, there is a genre menu (additional options for genre-related filtering will appear on the left if you open the listings page), along with the scenes’ list.

A search box is implemented, and it’s quite good: the page of with the results will give you the models with that expression in their name, along with the DVDs and scenes related. As you type in your query, the site will show suggestions too. Different listing and filtering options are available on the scenes’ listing page. The 18BJ and the VideosZ grant you a nearly unlimited (the limit is so high, you won’t even notice it’s there) access to the videos. You have the option to watch everything straight from your browser. There are many HD videos here, and as a member of the 18BJ, you could enjoy them without waiting, or download all in hopes of getting a playback. The members’ area is responsive, so you could access your favorite hardcore scenes any time you want, using your smart phone or tablet.

Chicks and Movies

Though the 18BJs name depicts that there will be only hardcore blowjob videos here, that’s not exactly true. And that number doesn’t refer to the girls’ age at all. So, what you could get at the 18BJ? There are hot chicks and hard action, that much is true. However, the girls are mostly professionals, and they are well over the age stated in the site’s name. By this, we actually mean that you will see here hot MILFs and cougars too, and they will show you how a blowjob is done properly. Regarding the variety of the models we have to say they aren’t sexy, but they are divers.

Among the Caucasian hotties for example, you can find some of the bigger US porn stars, just as several European girls are going to do the nasty for the camera. There are cute Asians too, and among them, you can find the hottest pieces of Japan featured, along with many US porn stars like As Akira. Naturally, no big DVD porn site can operate without hot Latinas and appealing Ebony girls, so you can expect to find them all here. These girls are sexy, dastardly and they are real pros, which means their performance will be great, and their body is something you have to see! Those who prefer fake tits will find several fine pairs in there!

Every video you will find on the 18BJ comes from different producers’ DVDs. The blowjobs are usually just parts of the scene, and are not that significant elements of the whole thing. As you will find out, there are only professionally made studio shots here, and they are all coming from different workshops, so the variety of styles and approach is quite great. The videos are, however, plain hardcore videos, and only some covers really hard niches. Among the scenes listed on the 18BJ, and on the VideosZ itself, you can find several which come from series dedicated to blowjobs: there are glory hole scenarios for example, which cover the popular glory hole theme with Black and White cocks too. In these scenes, the girls suck off the cocks sticking out the walls, and in many cases they also play with the man-milk after.

Bottom Line

Though the 18BJ is not a real porn site, the collection it grants access to is worth every penny. If you are a man who loves girls, and who loves to watch those girls getting banged and made to suck cocks, you are going to appreciate your membership here. The numbers are high, and the excitement they provide is even higher!