Back in the day, people who want to watch adult entertainment videos would have to go through a lot of trouble just to be able to rent the adult entertainment DVD that they want, it is often placed at the back of the store and there are also times wherein the DVD movie that you were looking for was already rented by someone else. Not only that, if you also go to other adult entertainment site, you could rarely watch a full-length adult entertainment movie as they had already cut them into different scenes and as a customer it is absolutely frustrating. This is the reason why the site XXXMemberChannels decided to help the viewers out in renting and watching their favourite full-length adult entertainment sites. They do not just have the famous ones that you are looking for but they also have a variety of full-length movies that you could watch.

Site Layout

The site has a sultry purple background and at the top most middle part of it you will see their high-resolution wallpaper, it is a collection of the pictures of the models, both amateurs and professionals, that are from different DVD films catered by the site. They also placed disclaimers about how they want to change the way that their audience watch porn online and how subscribing to the site will make you feel like you have our own rental store at home. All of these are true though, because once you become a member of the site you will gain unlimited access to their contents, they have about 1,000 high definition DVD’s, they also have thousands of high-resolution pictures that you can view and download.

All members of the site can also access another adult entertainment site that is associated with XXXMemberChannels, it is the site called XXXAdultCentro, so as a member you will have access to 2 sites for the price of one. As for their videos, they are all downloadable and you can even the change the format of the videos to match your device, they have the formats AVI, WMV, FLV, 4PG, MP3, MPG and more. They also have the formats high bandwith, low bandwith and WMS streaming available. All of their videos come with a high-resolution poster which is very appealing and movie like, it shows the name of the movie and the disclaimer plus they also introduces the models that are part of the movie. If you would want to stream your videos online then you can use Windows Media and Adobe Flash player.

You can also stream the videos using your phone by switching the site to its mobile version. The videos on the site are all labelled with a title and it will also show you which volume it is, they also write a brief summary of what it is about and they upload screenshots of the scenes so that you could have an idea about what kind of scenes the movie has. They also display the run time of the videos, most of the lasts for about 1 hour and 30 to 40 minutes so you will certainly enjoy a whole adult entertainment video complete with a storyline and a full on sex scene. If you have any questions regarding the service or your subscription then you can contact their customer support representatives, the link is at the bottom most part of the page. They are available 24/7 to help you and you can contact them via phone or email. You can also read the site’s frequently asked questions section so that you could know more about the site and the service that it offers.

Chicks and Movies

This site has about 1,000 high definition videos, and since they have that many movies it also means that they have thousands of adult entertainment models. XXXMemberChannels have around 59 niches, so that also means that they have a very diverse group of models. The site has Europeans, Asians, African Americans, Americans, Latinas and more. You can also choose which niche you would like to watch, one of the latest DVD movie that is added to the site’s collection is Throat Bangers. It is now in its 20th volume and it had launched a lot of careers in the industry. Most of the models that are part of the Throat Bangers movies are the typical blonde and hot women who can take a fully erect cock with just one suck.

Because of the amazing performances of the models, this adult entertainment movie had gotten their own following which is why they have been releasing volume after volume for months. Another movie on the site that has a following of their own is Bree and Sasha, they are the perfect duo to film lesbians sex scenes because they definitely complement each other. Bree Olson is a blonde bombshell who knows how to use her tongue to please her female partners and Sasha Grey is a black haired beauty who knows how to work her fingers until her partners cum. And then there is the movie Gag Land that stars Asian models, mostly from Thailand. These models filmed all of their best deep throat performances and compiled then to form a full-length movie. These are just some of the DVD movies and models that are available for viewing on the site, once you become a subscriber you will have access to more of them.

Bottom Line

XXXMemberChannels is an adult entertainment site that does not just give you clips and cut scenes of adult entertainment films, they are the real deal as they show everything from start to finish. The videos on this site are all full-length DVD movies so there are no short cuts, if you watch their videos you will not be disappointed and unsatisfied.


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