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Wifey’s World


Some men think that the moment they tie the knot with their girl, marks the end of their independence. By doing so, they have the illusion that they’ll forever be deprived of all the things that spice up their “manhood”. Let’s be honest here. Who would trade his sexually active lifestyle to be a tamed household head? Well, probably not for one lucky husband, the one and only man behind Wifey’s world. Don’t be deceived by its name. Wifey’s World is not the typical guidebook to every newly married woman out there. Its name may be catchy but you won’t be able to find tips and tricks on how to cook a good meal for your husband or how to change your son’s diaper in this site.

Instead, it is an amateur porn site ran by a couple who wants to flaunt their sex life to the world. Apart from that, the couple also revealed that their disappointment in some crappy porn sites during the earlier times led them to create their own site in 1998. These two definitely enjoy posting their crazy sex videos as much as their viewers enjoy seeing them perform. Although it is not run by professionals, Wifey’s World does have exciting contents that can compete among other porn sites of similar niche. Speaking of niche, Wifey’s World primarily belongs to the MILF niche. And since it promises to perform a lot of sucking and swallowing in their videos, it also qualifies to be part of the Oral Sex niche.

Site Layout

First thing that I noticed in the site is the catchy banner. Some porn sites don’t have this kind of design in their sites, even those who are considered as the big fishes in the industry. This is one good point that I admire in this site because it definitely suits their site name, “Wifey’s World”. Another thing is that one can easily navigate through the site. The navigation is pretty straightforward. It allows you to view the contents easily as you can sort them out by date, by title and by popularity. The videos are also tagged according to its category. There’s also an advanced search bar if you want to search for a specific video.

Moreover, you can also mark your favorite videos to easily access them when the need arises. You can also comment and rate on the videos. There are also no distracting ads all throughout the site. Lastly, the site is also mobile-friendly. If you have a smart phone running on Android or iOS, you can watch the videos on the site even on the road. One of the great services that you can find in this site is that they value their viewer’s comments and requests. You simply have to comment your request and the “Wifey” will try her best to provide you with a good video which you can either view within the site or you can download as mp4 format for offline viewing. So far there are no problems with the quality of the in-browser videos.

The same goes with the downloaded videos. The highest quality of videos uploaded beyond year 2009 is 1280×720 but for those later than that, you really cannot expect an HD video. One disappointing thing is that there is a download limit of 10GB in a day so you really have to choose your downloads wisely. Aside from the videos, you can also find picture sets in the site. These semi-professional pictures are a combination of indoor and outdoor scenes. They’re in excellent quality and are available in zip downloads.

Chicks and Movies

The site features “Wifey”, a beautiful bombshell who loves to swallow her husband’s cum. Well, that’s how you should show your love to your husband, as what she mentioned on the “Our Story” section of their site. Wifey describes herself as 5’6” tall, weighs at around 125 lbs and has blonde locks. She’s also blessed with huge beasts that are 36DD with very large and dark areolas. Wifey has never been a professional porn star nor have done any jobs related to the porn industry but with her skills and physique, one can definitely mistake her as one. She’s definitely not your ordinary housewife.

Countless times you’ll see “Wifey” enjoying her man’s love juice in the videos. It’s as if she just can’t get enough of her man. There is also a lot of fucking, or shall I say love making, which is genuine unlike other overly-staged sex scenes in some porn videos. Wifey’s expression when she orgasms looks very authentic too. There are also other scenes where they role play, which makes it more exciting when you anticipate which roles they’ll be playing in their next videos. I think this helps adding variety to their contents.

Bottom Line

Wifey’s World proves that no man should hide away from marriage with the thought that it’ll only leave them chained to their household responsibilities. This also reveals that the secret to a happy marriage is sex. I also think that this site is not just for those men who enjoy MILF porn but also for those women who want to treat their men in the bedroom. I think the only thing that should be improved is the frequency of their updates and also the daily download limit.

There are some videos that are as big as 1.5 GB most especially those HD videos so it’s really a bummer that they have a download limit as low as 10 GB. Putting all these aside, if you want authentic and passionate sex scenes from real and authentic couple, Wifey’s World is a must see site for you. The sex scenes are always leveled up compared to other on-screen porn star couples. Indeed, nothing can beat the chemistry between couples who are deeply and genuinely in love with each other.


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