Trike Patrol

Trike Patrol

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Awesome HD Asian porn site, Trike Patrol gives you daring Filipino amateurs who go out with foreigners to earn money. These ladies are sweet and beautiful, some are even shy at first. More likely, these sweethearts have come across unfortunate moments in their lives and the only way to make a living is to hook up with foreigners. Mostly, you’ll see American guys picking up these ladies outside wild clubs in Manila wherein they work. Even if Filipinos are known for their timid attitude, the ones that you will see in the POV-filmed videos do not shy away from the cameras. They know that the better and wilder performance they give, the higher money they might get in return. And so, you can expect them to give their all every single time.

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Site Layout

At the time of this writing, Trike Patrol already boasts over 200 videos. These full HD scenes are professionally presented on a user-friendly website. The official members’ area is divided into different pages. You’ll get well-optimized sections for categories, models, and uploads. There isn’t an advanced search feature at the moment, however, the browsing tools available are more than enough to serve the purpose. Aside from being able to save your favorite scenes, you can also rate the movies as well as the Filipino performers. Everything is exclusive and there are no bonus scenes from other porn sites. But don’t worry because the creators are very active. You can always expect new scenes every week. The good thing is that they rarely feature the same girl in their videos.

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Chicks and Movies

The name of the collection was inspired by one of the most common modes of transportation in the Philippines, the tricycle. The models often ride these three-wheeled vehicles to go to nearby motels and other accommodation establishments. Nothing fancy happens inside the vehicle, just like what you will mostly see in other reality porn sites, however, the documentary of the ride and the intimate conversations between the customer and the Filipino beauty makes everything more exciting. By the way, if you are a fan of anal porn, you might need to manage your expectation because Filipinos are not really into it. However, you’ll surely get excited at the sight of hairy pussies, juicy tits, big asses, and erotic masturbation shows. These ladies will do anything to make their customers scream in pleasure. They are also willing to get plenty of facials and pose for some extra shots. The POV scenes are well-made despite the American guys claiming to be innocent tourists.

Bottom Line

As they say, when you want your cock to get properly treated, pick a girl who is expecting money based on her sexual performance. Well, there’s no other way to say it, but the Filipinos you’re going to see in Trike Patrol videos are all up for the money. The more generous their clients are, the wilder and more experimental they become! You would surely fall in love with their bodies but specifically more with their willingness to do such things so they can survive.


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