Stocking Live

Stocking Live


This is one of Sandra Shine’s entertainment websites. Like her other sites, she is featured in startling beauty in various scenes as she seeks to show of sensuality in the raw. The other girls featured along the star model are tall, curvy, stylish and sexy too. As its name suggests, Stockinglive focuses on the sexy aesthetics of stockings. The girl on the cover page of the site is featured in stockings neatly strapped on round and up her hips. The black heels add to the sensual pleasure. The pose is just as exciting.

Site Layout

Stockinglive features beautiful girls in action. You have a variety of video scenes to watch. There are no live cams but you get access to Sandra’s other sites. You can click out and explore content on Sandra Shine Bonus, Sandra Shine live and cruisinggirls. You can access these bonuses once you subscribe to the site. The site is perfectly accessible via mobile devices and loads respectably fast. The layout is great too. There is no search tool but since the site isn’t heavily loaded, you can easily navigate across the sections without much ado.It is simply presented with better image clarity than the other sites. In fact, you can stream videos. They have made it possible to download the videos and pics to a zip file.

Chicks and Movies

The model sports white lingerie with just a little shyness to boot. She exudes professional outlook and succeeds at touching our most vulnerable sexual sensations. I caught a glimpse of Sandra’s pussy extending backwards and affording me a peek just below her nicely rounded bum as she posed; looking the other way. The girls pose and posture as they display sexy lingerie stretched out in their hands. The images on this site are notably much better than those I have seen on other sites associated with Sandra Shine. There are several photos in galleries, I just couldn’t stop ogling and marveling at so much beauty in one place. There is a link to what appears like a panty outlet linked to Sandra’s business exploits. You get to view numerous beauties posing in their panty wear donning different colors. Sandra seems to kill two birds with one stone here. You catch a glimpse of the girls’ nude sexy bodies as you sample sexy looking panties and how they would actually look around a woman’s waist area. I must say I was swept off my balance by Amirah Adarah; one of the models featured on Stockinglive. She first appears on the scene in her scarlet red lingerie; red hot panties and stockings on a perfectly curved bum and legs. She uses a sex toy to turn the heat up on herself and indeed, the audience. She cleverly chooses a red toy penis to insert into her pussy as I watch. Adarah is the queen of the teaser as she penetrates her pussy while she looks at the camera straight on. She winks as she expresses sensual pleasure from the look in her eyes, the heaves and the sneaky winks and postures. Amirah is one of the hottest models on the site; and boy! She is justified to take the onus. There aspects of foot fetish scenes on this site too. The many photos and videos focusing on nicely pedicured nails and shapely feet is a special feature that definitely adds variety to the entertainment on the site. You get access to 93 video scenes with 25 minutes of playtime on each of them. Like on other of Sandra’s sites, you are allowed to download the files in a zip folder. There are over 96 galleries with 150 pics in each of them.

Bottom Line

The site offers variety. You can buy your pretty sexy lingerie as you have a piece of the sensual action by the girls. I think this is one of Sandra’s better sites. It gets better in the quality of video and images.