Safari Sex

Safari Sex


Outdoor sex is not something you see everyday and it definitely is not something that you will find on your doorstep most of the time. If you get lucky, you might get one or two of your neighbors sprawled on your garden doing the deed but your chances of seeing that is zero to nil. The only place where you will get something remotely close to that or better is porn, which is not really that hard to find. Of course, if you know your thing and what do with it. The internet is a great source for all things porn and usually the porn you will be finding in the world wide web is a lot and covers different themes, genres, and cinematography; but like they say, no porn is the same. It is bound to be different and by that I mean, sometimes, you are going to encounter something absolutely horrendous and sometimes, you will end up with something much more than you expected, in generally, a very good way.

One porn company I truly am happy and contented with is ExtremeMovieCash. EMC is a place where you can find really good quality porn, at the same time indulge in it. If you are quite new to the industry, then I will have you know that EMC likes their porn unique and really worthwhile. Suffice to say, they kind of just bring out the best of it and lay them down for their subscribers to watch. One of the sites I have come across from this giant is SafariSex and boy oh boy, does it pack a ton of punch and it will really keep you on the edge of your seat with all the amazing videos they have.

Contrary to popular belief, SafariSex has only been around since this August of 2016. Despite that release date, SafariSex still gets a lot of things going. When you hear the word Safari, you would immediately think of animals, the wild, water holes, green pastures of grass, and trees. Sex would probably be the very last thing you will ever think of. Yet SafariSex is exactly what that is. It is a porn site where you will find really wild sex going on. No, it does not involve any animals or some other weird things you are probably thinking about right now. It does involve men “hunting” for wild, ebony pussies.

Majority of the videos and scenes in this porn site is shot in the “wild”, most of them being outdoors or in moving hunting vehicles. No matter the location though, you are sure to catch a lot of delicious anal and pussy fucking, some gang bangs, other times you get threesomes, and on random times, you get orgies. You do not want to miss out on the tinge of BDSM looming around; complete with ball gags, dildos, anal beads, vibrators, and so much more. If you wish to see ebony girls grinding and doing the nasty with different men, then this site is perfectly suited for you. The niches being covered in SafariSex is like I mentioned earlier: hardcore sex, all sorts of fetishes, and ebony girls.

Site Layout

EMC likes to implement simplicity in their website designs and as a company who houses different porn sites with different themes, they make sure that the layout and the design itself is very related to the site itself. Just like in SafariSex, where the design is like a crossover between the jungle and the digital world; you even get a giraffe and a very familiar Safari sunset in the background. With all the jokes aside, SafariSex is a neat place where you find plenty of great adult scenes, so it is only natural that their website design would be equally just as radical. The navigation controls for SafariSex are very easy to manage and the user interface is very user-friendly.

Now, since the site is quite new and still in the first phases of its life, there are features that you cannot find here yet but nevertheless, on their way. For now, you cannot seem to rate the videos or add them to your favorites but they are most probably going to add that feature in the future. You can, however, add comments and make use of a few of their browsing tools. They have a filter content tag just above the bevy of video thumbnails in the main page and from there, you can easily work your way around. They have tags like anal, BBW, big cock, big breast, amateur, African, and big butts.

Also, their video thumbnails are arranged by dates, with the new ones coming up at the top. If you want to access the rest of the other videos, just click on the movies link right on top of the filtered tags. From there, you can access both the member’s page and the home page. The site does not support any photo galleries but video caps are present. These video caps are all in good quality. Since the site is fairly new, there are no free bonus sites registered to it yet.

Chicks and Movies

The girls of SafariSex are all ebony girls and they are all gorgeous. They like to commit themselves to interracial sex with neighboring or foreign men, even going as far as getting it on BDSM style. All the scenes they star in are caught on film and as of the moment there are about 60+ videos on site. These scenes can either be downloaded or streamed in your browser. Downloading will have you save them in your device in MP4 format while streaming will only need an embedded Flash player and make sure it is updated. The resolutions available for both options are set at 1440 x 1080 and 1280 x 720.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a place to find unique videos and really hardcore scenes, then this place is best for you. It is filled with surprises and the quality and quantity is quite decent.


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