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From being an underground based business in the early part of the 1900s, porn has become a mainstay business today, even getting an industry recognition, as in Hollywood. To this extent, the porn industry also has its own Oscars, the AVN Awards. With so many nominations for winning coveted awards at the 2017 AVN Awards in Las Vegas, there is one name on everyone’s lips, RealityLovers. RealityLovers is a virtual reality based site offering you a range of videos and porn stars in 3D format, with 180-degree range of view, binaural sound and a head-tracking technology allowing you to view every nook and corner of the room where the action is taking place.

What’s more, the videos on RealityLovers are in Full HD with 1080 pixels. This means clearer and sharper images and a sound that would keep you mesmerized long after the video has ended. To experience VR porn on RealityLovers, you will need an appropriate VR gear, such as Samsung GearVR, Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard. If you do not have these with you, you can also experience RealityLovers within the confines of your Android or iPhone mobiles. To understand more about this site, we have compiled a review that will help you take an informed decision about RealityLovers. So, go ahead and enjoy reading the review.

Site Layout

When sites show simplicity, sophistication and professionalism in their designs, they catch the attention of people very quickly. And if the site happens to be an adult entertainment site, porn lovers would want to visit the site repeatedly. The same is the case with RealityLovers. It has a very simple and professional design that will blow your mind away when you enter the site. I loved the way the watermark image of two chicks has been displayed. The sluts are naked, in a provocative and seductive embrace, licking their tongues. Staring at the camera, their eyes are lustful, and inviting you to immerse yourself into the world of virtual reality. This image sets the tone for all the design, features and videos on this site.

The site has used a very minimal colour scheme to bring out the best in it. Red and grey are used alternatively to load images and videos so that they are evidently visible. All around the border of the site, there is a white border, and against this, the red and grey manage to give a very pleasing effect. At the bottom of the site, you will find links to slightly more than a dozen of pages, and each page has five videos. In total, there are 67 videos. A the top, you will find the next couple of releases on the site and their date of release. Essentially, there are two new releases every week. Each video has a trailer, 20 thumbnails, a description and a title with the name of the slut featured in the video. The trailer runs for about two-and-a-half minutes. You can click the thumbnail pictures and view them enlarged on a pop-up screen.

At the top of the site, there are links to the useful parts of the site, such as Join, Help, Login and Blog, apart from Home. The Blog link is a very useful link, for this is where you will find all the sluts featured in the site. You can keep yourself updated about this site reading news clippings and articles. To make life easier for you, you can also sign up for the newsletter and receive regular updates. For the more serious lovers of this site, you can follow their Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram updates. We have covered major design features of this site for your benefit. Before we conclude this section, wouldn’t it be prudent to check out its subscription? The subscription is affordable and you will love it a lot. You can choose either a prepaid plan or a recurring plan. Prepaid plans are available for one, three or five videos. Recurring plans can be made on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Trust me, opt for the annual plan as it will give you significant discounts.

Chicks and Movies

Are you satisfied with the design and features that this site has presented? Yes! Then great. Let us move on to what you are eager to know more about. The porn stars who model for this site, as well as the kind of videos you can enjoy. Since you watch these bitches in 3D, you get to see every inch of their body in detail. Right from the complexion, to the smoothness of the skin, to those amazing, round and perfectly sculpted breasts and perky nipples, the soft belly and cutely placed navel, trimmed or shaved pussy, round and smooth ass, slim and sexily curved waist and slender legs, these sluts have been very carefully chosen to model for this site.

It is not just about the bodies of these bitches, but their performance also. The cunts know how to perform in a porn video. Since the videos are made in a POV format using the VR technology, the sluts keep watching you in the entire performance. This is a difficult prospect to achieve, because when a slut is fucked, she closes her eyes, sinking in the feeling of the cock in her pussy. To perform in such videos requires a different perspective and these sluts have it in them.

There are varieties of themes that you can enjoy on this site. You will find sluts spreading their legs and masturbating, a sexy chick fucking you, or you indulging in a threesome with two super-sexy naked sluts in the garden or in an orange orchard. If you want to secretly watch a couple fucking, there are voyeur videos too. There is something for your girlfriend too, and she can experience a hunk fucking and sucking her nipples. She can also experience lesbian sex, with a sexy bitch playing with her pussy with dildos and vibrators or inserting her fingers into your girlfriend’s pussy.

We loved watching the trailers of these videos, and we believe that you will also love them as much as we did. What’s running through your mind now? Need to relieve yourself? Hold on to yourself, and first read this conclusion and sign up. You can then jerk-off to your heart’s content.

Bottom Line

RealityLovers is a trendsetting site in the porn industry today. It has got all the elements of a blockbuster site. Right from the sexy sluts and models casted in the videos, the themes of the videos, the professional and sophisticated design of the site and the affordability, everything has a place, fitting perfectly like puzzle pieces in a jigsaw. Hat’s off to RealityLovers for giving porn lovers like us a beautiful site like this. Wait no more and subscribe it now.


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