Real Girls Gone Bad

Real Girls Gone Bad


Real Girls Gone Bad is an adult entertainment site that features British Amateur girls doing a lot of naughty and hardcore stuff while out of town. There are videos and photos on the site and they are all exclusive. To be a member you can either opt to pay monthly, bi-monthly, or a 90 day fee.

Site Layout

The site has a fairly basic layout and the design is good enough, but nothing more outstanding than the other sites in its niche. The template they use is quite common with porn websites. This may be a plus as some things on the site are easy to locate making it more user friendly. The content on the site is mostly videos. Each post has multiple images, which serve as previews of the movie scenes and there are short descriptions and tags as well. The search function can help you find scenes, as long as you use the right tags. You can also follow the tags to navigate through the posts and find related content based on those tags. The content contains mainly of video and photo galleries. The videos are in full 1080 HD. Some of the older videos are of lower quality, but the latest ones are of high definition. You cannot download videos, but you can watch them online. Luckily, there seems to be no issues with loading or streaming of videos on the site. Images are of great quality and of high resolution. However, you cannot download the photos to your local hard disk in a zip file. There is a slide show feature that you can use to browse through the images. The feature is not that advanced, but it is good enough for viewing photos hands free.

Chicks and Movies

There are many sites that claim to have real girls, only for you to spot a couple of well known porn stars in some of the videos. The porn stars are usually women who go to a location outside their city. They engage in some of the naughtiest things that they probably have never done before. Most women are quite good looking, sexy and physically fit. Most of them are slim, but there are quite a number of women who are slightly plump. There are many categories that could be used to organize the content on this site. Ultimately, the videos can be grouped into two styles, bar hopping and wet t-shirt. The bar hopping videos start with girls imbibing drinks and showing their moves on the dance floor. Once they’re high, they prepare for their performance. Then they begin to strip, touching themselves and most of the girls will get completely nude. Their friends and other patrons cheer them on. Wet t-shirt videos are often in the form of a contest. Each contestant competes to move on to the next stage. The naughtier the contest and the more likely they are to win. The women usually end up naked at the end of the video. Hardcore and lesbian sex may happen between the women and other women or men who happen to be in the same place.

Bottom Line

The site gets most of the points from the amateur girls in the video. Not only are the videos authentic but they are exclusive to this site. All the recent videos and photos are good quality. The website is highly recommended for those who want to watch real amateurs get naked and naughty.


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