The MyPoVGF is another site of the TheGFNetwork (run by the AMAKings), which offers the visitor a hot collection of amateur and semi-professional porn videos, all (most) captured in the ever-famous PoV (Point of View) style. The girls are cute, the sex is heavy, and as you will see, in many cases the quality surprisingly good. With the newest cam-glasses sites like the MyPoVGF are going to get some hot new stuff as soon as these gadgets became regular. As you might expect from a five years old porn site, the MyPoVGF has a good collection of photos and videos. Though the update schedule is simply undeterminable, there are batches of new flicks and pictures added throughout the years. At the time you read this review, the MyPoVGF offers more than 1,000 porn scenes and 1,500+ sexually explicit pictures.

The content is not exclusive though, and if you have been long among the people who enjoy amateur porn, you might have seen some of these videos. However, there are always new videos appearing and the batches often contain totally fresh stuff too. We’ve already stated that the site is part of the TheGFNetwork. This also means that there is more to the site that you would see at first: you get access to the other sites’ videos. The overall amount of content you get as a member is circa 20,000 scenes and a bit more photo sets. As you explore the site, you might as well enjoy some live cams, though the best bonuses are probably the DVDs you can watch. The site shares a DVD library with the AmaKings’s sites, and there more than 5,000 hardcore studio-porn titles for you to enjoy.

POV GF picture

Site Layout

Any experienced porn seeker know that the tour pages of this kind of sites aren’t offering too much to view: these pages are filled with thumbnails (enhanced pictures) and you can scroll through them. And that’s all you get, no preview of other kind is offered, so decide, man. Luckily the members’ are of the MyPoVGF is far better and it has some neat navigation tools. The most useable stuff in there is the main menu, and the search engine that can help you get to the videos that feature your favorite niches.

Also you can switch the network sites easily, but the bonuses are quickly available. In case you want to build your PoV library, you can easily do so, because you can download the videos and the photo sets easily. There are no limits, thus you don’t have to worry about hitting the ceiling. Those who are just want to have fun, and don’t really enjoy waiting, the nicely working Flash-player might offer you a good alternative: playing the videos is easy, and due to their quality and length they load up quickly, thus giving an excellent playback experience. For the photos, the site offers zip downloads, so you can enjoy them using your favorite viewing program.

Chicks and Movies

Since the MyPoVGF is another amateur-focused porn site, you might find it that some of the girls on the pictures and in the videos are somewhat familiar. As a collecting site, this one also gets its resources from all around the internet, so it’s just acceptable that you can see here girls you may have already seen on other pages. However, this doesn’t lessen the site’s value because it still have all the positive aspects of amateur porn sites. The first important thing you might notice here is that the girls are all different. No matter how large the collection is, there is hardly any girl who appears in these more than once. One would expect to see here only natural beauties, and this is also ensured. As far as we could dig into the content, even the girls who are terribly busty have their original ‘accessories installed’ on their sweet, tight body. In the event that you don’t like big breast, but prefer perky ones, you might find here a large number of girls having those too.

Also in case you have a crush in different ethnicities, you might find it that a great variety is ensured in this aspect too: there are Asian, Latina and Ebony cuties all around, and among them, there are no two girls who would look the same. The site’s name probably is the best way to describe the content’s style: it is amateur girlfriend-porn shot in PoV style. Shooting the intercourse from the guys’ point of view is a popular and really arousing ways to record sex. If it’s done right, you could feel like you are the one with that hot girly, and it’s your cock that gets sucked dry. Naturally, the amateur porn have a feeling that makes it amazingly tempting, and in difference with the sterile studio porn, in these scenes the guys often put the cam down to enjoy the sex rather than capturing it. What these couples do is simply outrageous.

The girls are handling their boy’s cock like professionals, so you can enjoy here exhausting blow and handjobs, but in a few cases there are footjobs too. Those who like to watch hardcore sex will like this compilation, because these cuties are not just getting their pussy fucked, but some of them will left behind with gaping assholes. As far as length is concerned, the MyPoVGF is a varied site: the videos usually go on for more than five minutes, though they usually hardly exceed this length.

Bottom Line

It’s a really unique and well-sorted collection. Those who like to imagine that they are in the middle of the action will surely find these videos really exciting. In difference with the studio porn, the girls don’t always stare at the camera, so it’s more natural, and not so awkward. However, the site is an overall good choice for all porn fans, and it’s heartily recommended, simply because it offers huge extras inside. The network access, the live cams and the bonus DVD feeds are well worth it, and they will definitely keep you interested for a long time.

This site has been closed, have a look at our best user-submitted porn sites collection!