Hot women galore, you can enjoy their photos and videos online, as there is a lot of content to be found. To be honest, though, it has lacked in the Asian department, specifically the Japanese girls. Now, it has come to my attention that there is a site called PovJP, and among its pages there are some of the hottest looking Japanese girls, sucking dicks, fucking, playing with toys and engaging in lusty lesbian sex that will leave you wanting for more.

Site Layout

And it is even on their home page that I have found pleasure for it is not only in the women that you can find the joy and excitement that you have been searching for, but a site’s design, too. That might come off as pretty negligible for some people, but others like their site to be optimized and user-friendly, something that this one is. Not only that, you get a premium design that has a lovely color selection, from the black, easy to use menu bar at the top of the page, with visible log in and join buttons, to the previews that you can find below.

The previews are organized in a grid-like way, and you can view a caption underneath each one, summarizing the action, as well as the duration of that certain video. There are many previews on the home page, but you are also going to find a pretty big, self-changing image that shows the newest content on the site, as well as the site’s statistics, prompting you to continue browsing. To my liking, the site also has a mobile version, one that runs as smoothly as the desktop one. The optimization makes this premium site even better.

Chicks and Movies

Speaking of better, there is nothing better than Japanese girls, except maybe more Japanese girls. We are in luck, for the site has more than enough girls for you to explore, enjoying their secrets and different ways of experiencing pleasure. They are different, though, do not be fooled by appearances. Most of them even look different, with their eye colors, boob size, hair style, to the way they fuck and their choice of partners. Some prefer solo action, while other will rather hop onto a dick, riding it to a yummy explosion. Others like girls, so be ready for lesbian sex, and a kind that involves toys that you can only imagine.

Roleplay is also a big part of this site’s experience, given how they love dressing up and performing for you. Everything is shot in the POV or point of view perspective, so you enjoy it like it is happening to you. There are many videos on the sites, actually, DVDs, over 116 of them. Each has a minimum of 30 minutes, going up to an hour at times. You can download the videos in a decent resolution, in the MP4 format, and you can stream them online. What I found to be even better with this site is that you get bonuses for your membership.

Bottom Line

This is a great site, one which every fan of porn should add to their list of favorites. Not only that, but should you happen to enjoy Japanese girls who love fucking men and women, while at the same time using kinky toys for more pleasure, you are at the right place. The site is called PovJP and you get 22 more sites with its membership, for free. Enjoy this paradise of Japanese hotties.


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