Plump Mature

Plump Mature


Over the years, I have gradually been adjusting to the many different aspects of porn and as a reviewer I have had countless times to review really oddly themed porn sites and I do not find it in any way weird or anything, in fact, I get tons of experience afterwards and learn tons of things about this certain genre. I am vaguely open to anything and even to this day, nothing fazes me anymore. The thing with porn is you have to be open-minded about a lot of things in order to appreciate the beauty of it all. I am a firm believer that not all of us can agree on certain tropes and themes when it comes to adult sites. Yet somehow, I also believe that before we judge a certain porn site, we must first learn about it and explore it a little bit before all the analysis and the assessment. I was given a chance to review one of the sites being operated by Fat Pays and it is called PlumpMature.

Well, as the title would give it, PlumpMature is all about these big boned ladies who certainly aged finely, getting their valuable sexy times and making it as hardcore as possible. Mind you, it was my first time encountering such and although I have heard plenty of things about this sort of site, I still could not really picture it much until I got into this site. I have to say, I loved every bit of it. No joke. PlumpMature may not be your average ordinary porn site, with the BBW hogging all the screen time. If you do not know what BBW means, it basically just stands for “Big Beautiful Woman” which in this case speaks the truth. The women of PlumpMature are most Europeans and they are gorgeous to begin with. Their perfect faces are a sure fit to their physiques and for once in my life, I actually said “I would tap that from head to toe”.

PlumpMature, like their site tells it, is the best amateur mature BBW porn that comes from Europe. True enough, all the scenes that seem to be here are steamy, erotic, lascivious, lewd, and just really hot to the core. The site’s niche revolves around BBW, fetishes, and mature women. Despite the mature woman tag, there are a few nubiles around here that seem to be fresher. Despite the age gaps and the differences physique wise, the ladies are still smoking hot and know how to deliver the perfect and hardcore sex scene. Most fetishes are being covered here too and there is so much to unearth. The men here may not be as big boned as these lovely ladies but the have big boners to boot and all the ladies love that.

Site Layout

PlumpMature has a really outgoing and fun website design. The hot pink and the fiery red background is certainly a plus because it screams girly and mature at the same time. The fonts are very readable and the arrangement is really easy to decipher since it is very orderly and clean. The navigation is fairly simple and the user interface is easy as pie. The site allows you to do plenty of things since it has been around for some time now. In addition, the most important links are easily found on top of the site. From there, you can access the home page, the movies page, the photo gallery page, the updates page, the model index, and the members page.

The model index simply gives you a portrait of the woman and their names, along with the number of videos and photos they are present in. There is no biography whatsoever. The site allows you to comment on all the videos and rate them according to your preference. Also, you can add the videos to your favorites as well as have access to a dating service. The dating service is something where you put your profile and certain beautiful women will hit you up if you are their type.

The site also houses around 350+ photo galleries which in turn houses around 80+ photos inside. All the photos are in hi res and have a 1280 x 960 resolution. The photo galleries can be downloaded in zip files or saved individually by right clicking on them. If downloading them is a hassle for you, you may also view them via slideshow in your browsers. Your site membership will allow you to access 5+ porn sites that are under the network for free, but only after your 3rd day as a member in here.

Chicks and Movies

The women of this porn site are all big boned but they sure know how to make a man happy beyond words. Their sex appeal is powerful and their European beauty only makes it better and hotter. The sex scenes that these ladies indulge in are absolutely amazing and wonderful that it eventually becomes hard to look away. For the most part, you get girls like Cindy Sun, Tasha, Suzan Moore, Arkadia, Alice Karlowa, Sandra Fox, Nadya Cherry, Ninelle, Kitty Won, and many more to cater to your sexual needs.

Despite the BBW tags, not all girls are actually THAT big boned, some are just the right size but would not pass if your other contenders were too slim to function. Nevertheless, all these ladies are beautiful and they certainly know how to have a good time. All the scenes in this site can be downloaded in different file formats and in different resolutions. There are tons of options to choose from. There is no download limit and you will have access to a lot of interesting and hardcore videos and photos.

Bottom Line

If you are big fan of BBW then this is your lucky day, my friend. I am recommending this site to all of you out there who do not mind a hot woman with the right curves. The quality of the videos here is pretty decent and the quantity is just great, as well.


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