Petra Feet

Petra Feet


There is definitely a certain charm to lovely feet. If you have an interest in foot fetishism, then you have to go to Petra Feet. This is the best website to visit if you want to be enticed by a beautiful Italian lass who possesses the perfect pair of sexy feet. Launched last 2014, this website entirely showcases this Italian lady. As a solo performer in the website, she’ll tease you with her splendid legs, seductive ankles, and sexy feet. Just because she’s Italian though you don’t necessarily have to learn her language. She knows the best way to speak to your inner desire without having to speak English. You’ll see a wonderful realization of your foot fetish with the Italian lady here in Petra Feet. If what strokes your fancy is putting someone up high and worshiping her feet, then Petra Feet is certainly the kind of website that you should visit. You’ll be able to enjoy a number of features she has to offer once you step inside her world.

Site Layout

In this website, you’ll be able to enjoy videos that are of high quality. You can stream the videos using its Flash format and it will have a 800×450 video quality. If you want, you can also download the videos in their MP4 format using the 1920×1080 video quality. For the pictures that you can look into in this website, you can get some amazing ones and they usually have a resolution of 2000×3000 px. All of the content that you can get your hands on in the Petra Feet website are exclusive. That means that the sexy Italian lady is the one who produces her own videos and photos. You won’t be able to find any other content the same as hers in any other foot fetish website online. Another main feature in the site is that you can directly chat with her. There is a monthly schedule she sets where she gets to talk with her long-time followers. Of course, you might be apprehensive about it because she speaks Italian and you speak English but you will soon find some interesting ways to communicate with her during this live chat session. (Here’s a tip for better communication during the live chat session though: just use the translation feature of your browser to have a better understanding of what she is talking about!) Another amazing feature that you can enjoy when you have a membership in this website is that you can get to bid for her stockings and shoes. These are the articles that she have personally worn during her photo and video shoots. That means that you will get to buy something personal from her, items that have her personal touch and smell! For a foot fetishist, you will surely want to buy some stockings and shoes from here since you can use it as masturbation material or even just a simple addition to your “special” collection. Overall though, the website is quite functional and user-friendly. As a member to the site, you should have no problems finding the type of content that you want to watch or view when you are navigating around the site.

Chicks and Movies

There is no doubt that you will want to check out Petra Feet time and time again simply because the Italian solo model in the website is pretty damn hot. You’ll be seduced by her long dark hair and sexy body. But what will surely get you seduced more is her sexy feet. She may be showing little to no nudity in the pictures and videos but she will still seduce you to pitch a tent because she’ll use her techniques that hits well within your foot fetish strike zone. To make up for the lack of nudity in the website, she’ll show off some foot fetish play such as footsies or feet oiling. The videos that are showing these foot fetish play are a great hit in the site and are the most popularly viewed videos. You will also see her appeal as she wears a wide variety of costumes that emphasize her foot fetish specialty such as a variety of high heeled shoes, lingerie, stockings, boots, and many more. The foot actions that you can see her perform are definitely top notch that you’ll wonder if you can get her to do it to you in real life. For example, you can see her using a shoulder massager (which, in the fetishist world, would usually be used as a vibrator) to massage her barefoot sole. She’ll only be in her lingerie so you will not only drool over her perfect foot soles but also at her sexylicious body. If you want more nudity, there is another video where she’s wearing a G-string and nothing on top. You’ll notice how she’s wearing black stockings that emphasize the perfect curves of her legs, ankles, and feet. If these doesn’t get you erect, what else would? Your membership in Petra Feet will allow you to watch the full videos for these recommendations. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see even a teaser of the “goods” Petra Feet has to offer.

Bottom Line

If you get your subscription for Petra Feet, you are sure to enjoy the best foot action you can imagine on the web. You will even be able to keep in touch with the lass who fulfills your sexual foot fetish fantasy. With this website, you can enjoy a whole new level of foot fetish and you can even get the actual stockings and shoes worn by the model if you buy them. Your subscription to the site will also give you access to other sites such as Piedi Velati, Foot Fetish Sunny, Black Pantyhose, Ballerine World, Fantasy Flip Flop, and so many more.