NIP Activity

NIP Activity


Men have always dreamt about seeing beautiful women naked in public. There are many times when we see a man turning his head to get another look at a hot girl passing by and looking at him you just know what he is thinking- probably the same that you are. He wishes that that woman was naked in public so that he could get a good long look at her beautiful body. So if you want to see hot women walk around the street, roaming in public property like a restaurant or on a sidewalk, then the NIP activity is the website for you. It promises real and full public nudity, high definition videos and also high resolution pictures. Plus it also has exclusive contents which are added four times a week and not to forget an unlimited download feast for you to enjoy on your desktop as well as on your hand held smart phones. The site name in full is Nude in public activity and it does not involve any fucking or sex.

The website focuses on women walking and stripping their attires off their beautiful shoulders, or coming out of their pooled clothes at her feet with some occasional soft core teasing or playful indications to add to the fun. And what’s more they will do it in front of thousands of pedestrians or onlookers. The videos are shot in full HD and Hi Res with updates 4 days a week. This website has been active for some time and their archives are teeming with top notch footages which have been shot on request or desires of its massive cardinals of followers. Here you will find 40+ gorgeous female models all European Caucasian and several new models which are on casting. Each of the shots is done in different European locations, mainly like a NIP tour around Europe. Though understanding the speech in not necessary in the movie, but just to make you aware the language spoken in the videos are German.

As you visit the website, you will find 40 model pages with each having about 5 average scenes of pictures and videos. So that adds up to 200 shots in different locations. The quality of the video is excellent. These videos are shot with high resolution digital cameras. Every single shot is captured properly just so that you do not miss a single scene. The pics are also crispy clear. The video resolution is HD 1280×720. The older videos may have lesser resolution but they are still quite good. Old sets of videos have an average length of about 10 minutes; however the recently updated videos are hewed into 1 min length of clips. But the best thing about it is that 17 model pages of the total of 40 have video resolutions of 1280×720. The pictures having 2000×1300 pixels are also stunning, rich and filled with details even after being shot in the sun and you would be able to browse through all of them and even save them in zip files without any problems.

Site Layout

The NIP activity is easily accessible. You can set up you own membership account in just a few simple steps. The menu bars and the user interface are simple and complication free. As soon as you set up your membership, you will get access to the website and can check out some of the enthralling videos which are lined up for you. Another cool thing is that you will get access to video previews just to make you aware about the quality of the content before downloading it. Searching for the video is also simple owing to the smart suggestions which are provided by the web page on your previous searches or preferences.

Chicks and Movies

Here you will find 40 + female European Caucasian each having naturally beautiful bodies without any plastic surgery which you will find with most porn stars today. You would be able to browse the content by model or by update. When you select a model, you will find an “about me” link which on clicking will transfer you to her profile page. From there you can check out her stats such as her age, height, her interests and also her day job. Some of the girls which you will find are namely- Adele, Agnes, Aliska, Biene, Bea, Anne, Bailey, Bara, Hanka, Enza, Celina, Holly, Jane, Jenny M, Jeamie, Jarka, Jessy, Kety.P, Kattie, Maria, Lucie Nicole Vice, Nikola H, Rossa, Paris, Sophie, Tereza, Silena and many more. These are mainly amateur models and you will also find some short stories about what these models are in real life.

All the details are thorough and that is what is really appreciable about this web forum. You will not find these girls wandering about in lonely streets or empty alleys at night or when no one is around to see them in action. These girls want to be seen in public. The videos are offered for download or streaming in multiple formats. Flash- 640×480, quick time 1280×720, Windows Media 4090kpps, at 1280×720! The sounds and images are perfect flawless. The galleries can be downloaded in Zip files but other than that you can also view them online in 2000×1300 pixels. Each of these videos are pictures are compatible with your current devices such as Android, iOS and Windows also.

Bottom Line

If you are fan or public nudity films and pictures, the NIP activity is the right place for you. They promise 100% public nudity and they live up to that. The naughty action of these gorgeous models is definitely not to be missed. You will love every single minute of your stay. So simply join in and watch these naked exhibitionistic girls pass through the town or streets in front of locals and enjoy the fun they provide!