Are you looking for some hardcore and well-choreographed sex? Or are you looking for some bisexual orgies? Either of the two, Naughty Bi is the perfect site for you. Launched in February 2013, Naughty Bi has long been the haven for all things naughty and wild. Their actors and actresses wouldn’t mind getting down and dirty with anyone in the group. From girl to girl action to boy to boy anal, everything that you’ll see in Naughty Bi is a heavenly treat. For more information, this site belongs to the Bisexual and Hardcore sex niche. It has been an exclusive site since it was first launched and the primary priority of the site is to upload videos. Since Naughty Bi is a video site only so you couldn’t expect some photo sets in the gallery.

Well of course, except for some video capped pictures that you’ll see in every video in the gallery. Naughty Bi does not have the most excellent quality of videos. In fact, there are a couple of sites out there that can give high definition videos. But when it comes to the quality of the content, there’s no taking that away from Naughty Bi. There are two ways to become a member. One is to get the full site membership which gives you access to the entire Crazy Fetish Pass network. Otherwise, you’ll only get selected sites as part of the bonus treats. With this membership, you will not be able to select which sites will be included and your choices are also narrowed down. So if you want to get rid of these restrictions, it is better if you purchase the full site membership.

Site Layout

The design of the site is not that extravagant but it’s not that simple too. It is just somewhere in the middle with enough decors that is appealing to the audience’s sight. It has a black and purple color scheme on its header. One thing I also liked about it is the font style that they used. Digging further into the header section, you’ll already have an idea on what to expect from this site based on the pictures that are displayed in it. There are anal pictures, pussy banging, more anal sex, and some boob sucking. Knowing that this is a video site, expectedly, you can only see videos in the gallery. There are video titles, video descriptions and photos which are just beside every video. There are also rating systems in every playlist where you could cast your ratings for each video you watched. This could help other members find some good videos.

On the other end of the line, these ratings will also help you find some worthy to watch videos. There is also a way to save your favorite videos. This way, you’ll be able to revisit these favorite videos since it is automatically copied to a specific location in your profile once you favorite it. Although the site has really good features, I think there are still some important features that are missing. For example, there should be a way to search the models in the site. The best solution for this is to create a model’s index page where you could view the profile of the models and the videos that they starred on. For the videos, I already mentioned that Naughty Bi does not have the most excellent videos when it comes to the quality. It only has a maximum of 852×480 when downloading a video but when streaming, it only has a maximum of 640×480 for the resolution.

Chicks and Movies

There’s a wide collection of Latina hunks and sluts in Naughty Bi. All of them are definitely bisexuals because you cannot see anyone who is picky on their partners in any of the videos. While there are amateur models, there are also a lot of semi-professionals and professionals. Most of the models have a black complexion, may it be a male or female. With the videos that I’ve watched, I haven’t seen unshaved pussies because of these girls are shaved. The breast size also varies as there are some who are just average sized while there are some who have big breasts. There are videos where you’ll see a mixture of race. These videos are a combination of fair and black skinned models eating and banging each other.

All of the videos are threesome or foursome sex. There are also a lot of ass licking, ass fucking, and cock sucking. There’s pussy licking and of course, pussy banging. The boys also know how to suck vigorously as good as how these girls give heads. When it comes to penetration and fucking, the girls can also give a good anal sex to the men with their strap on penis. One video that I’ve seen is about a boobie girl who fucks two bisexual men. In some part of the video the girl’s huge watermelons gets played and sucked by these two men. Then, you’ll see her sucking two cocks at the same time. There was also a scene from the video where she’s sitting on top of the man’s face while giving her a mind-blowing pussy licking and the other man was sucking the man’s dick. The girl was fucked and the camera was closed up to the pierced pussy of this slut. Of course, she also fucks these men with her dildo that’s strapped on her waist. At the end of the video, the girl received warm cum on her huge breasts.

Bottom Line

Naughty Bi contains a good amount of bisexual videos. Although the resolution of the videos is not that high, still, the quality is tolerable. It’s definitely not that bad at all and you can still enjoy the dirty action that’s going on. If you become a member, you also get access to bonus sites that makes your membership more worthy.