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Naughty America


Naughty America is the best place to start your journey in hardcore porn, you can find here everything at one place, and you can access all sites of the network. The main niche of the Naughty America is fantasy-porn, which means that you can find most of your erotic fantasies, daydreams written into hardcore porn movies and performed by professional pornstars. The studio has a long history, but to cut the long story short, the main thing you should know is that the flagship site was launched back in 1998, and it went through a lot of positive changes since then. Next year, in 2016 the site will cross the border of adulthood, and from that point, she can do whatever she wants. Lucky for us, she wants us to have fun, and to spend a lot of time ‘on’ her. During the past years, the Naughty America developed into one of the biggest online porn provider.

There is a whole site network around the main site, each offering the visitors videos of one main fantasy, while the scenes cover a bunch of popular porn niches. If you become a member of Naughty America you automatically get access to all sites of the main network, which means 45 porn sites that you can also consider as fantasy porn series. Among the sites, you can find that they are covering some particular situations, like screwing the mother of your girlfriend or the hot cougar jumping on you and fuck you like there is no tomorrow. There are series focusing on different parts of a woman’s body: ass, breasts, pussy. The Naughty America sites are not just bragging about quality they actually present it to you. Apart from the gorgeous models, another thing could catch your attention: the high video quality. It’s just natural, that the oldest scenes are not in HD, but there are just a few of those. Most of the videos are in HD or Full-HD and there is a growing number of higher quality scenes too. The work behind the scenes is appreciated by the members and the industry too, and the Naughty America series had multiple nominations for annual porn awards.

Site Layout

The site of Naughty America looks and works really well. There is a main heading featuring the latest update(s) and some promotions for membership’s discounts. Under this heading you can start your journey in which you explore the world of the Naughty America. The menu option called ‘New Porn’ will take you to the page, where you can watch the latest updates with the newest listed first. Since there are normally daily updates throughout the network, so if you want something new, check this page first. The Porn Finder is an advanced filtering and searching option, where you can narrow down the vast video database to show only those scenes that feature only the things that interest you. Here you can select the who (situational roles, e.g. girlfriend, employee), the where (e.g. in office, in garage, in park) and the category (the niche, like anal, deepthroat, 69, etc.).

The VR menu will take you to the newest craziness, the latest and greatest new feature of the studio, the Virtual Porn. With the right equipment, you can enjoy the scenes listed on this page in the virtual reality, just like you were there. It’s sure that you know what you can find under the 45 Porn Sites menu, so that doesn’t require further explanation. The members’ zone has the same layout, and you can use every feature of the site inside too, and the network access very simple, just a few clicks and you are browsing the chosen series. Naughty America offers you multiple options when it comes to the scenes.

You can enjoy them online, in the best possible qualities, and if you want, you can download the scenes too, in multiple formats and sizes (dependent on video resolution you choose). It’s just natural to expect a huge number of pictures from a big site like Naughty America, and you get that too. Mostly every movie comes with a picture gallery attached, consisting of photos and screen captions. The flagship site of the network has a mobile version too, and since all sites are embedded into this main frame, all of the Naughty America series are available in a mobile-friendly form. Your smart phone or tablet can help you to have some fun wherever you want.

Chicks and Movies

All women you can see in the videos are professional porn stars, and you can see that on their bodies too. They are fit, and many of them have huge fake breasts, while there are some really cute natural chicks too. Their round asses look great when they are riding a large cock (in the world of Naughty America, every guy has 10 inches long cock) in a 4K HD porn video. You can find among the models Asians, Blacks and Latinas too, though the major parts of the girls are Caucasians. There are somewhere around 8000 scenes online, and with the daily updates still going on strong, the number increases week by week. The videos are scripted and staged, there are no random events, everything that happens, have to happen. The sex that happens is exciting and varied; the chicks can take a lot. When you start watching the scenes, you will see that the video quality is superb, and the normal 720p scenes are looking great, while the 1080p and the 4K videos are simply awesome.

Bottom Line

Naughty America is one of those few porn studios that are recommended for everyone. It doesn’t really matter if you like naturals or fake-queens, this studio can provide you with both of them. The high quality is one of the major attributes of Naughty America that could get your attention, and while you are at it, you should know that the stream of the studio is available on Roku boxes and Roku sticks too, so if you want, you don’t even need to turn on your computer to enjoy some hardcore porn in high-definitions. The site asks a rather reasonable price for the membership, and with the large amount of content it’s just worth to try out, even for only month.


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