Mormon Girlz

Mormon Girlz


MormonGirlz is a website that features hot and sexy women submitting to their masters for sex. As soon as you enter the website you are warned in true MormonGirlz fashion that if you are homophobic or are under the right age, or if sexual content is not approved in the community that you reside in or have a problem with sexy girls being sexy, they you are advised to not enter the pornographic website.

Site Layout

The website has a very clean minimalistic design with a dark grey background and video arrears in white and text in black. The videos are placed one by one and they are setup in such a way that they can be viewed without changing to fullscreen. The pictures are also placed one at a time. Each video is given a name of the girl involved and the type of ceremony that is involved with the mate. You will love how simplistic and clean the design has been made for the site, it sets itself apart from the rest of the websites you will visit. You will feel like you are in a scared blog that you have been given access to, MormonGirlz hooks you right off the bat.

Chicks and Movies

The website features absolutely gorgeous and beautiful chicks and women, a lot of them virgins being initiated into the Mormon cult by their head priest. These women are adorned in beautiful white drapery-like clothes and your dick will throb as the priest removes their clothing one by one. The website features a lot of blondes, among redheads, brunettes and silver locked women. The look and feel of the videos will give you a very calming sensual effect, and the women will remind you of Daenerys Targaryen, breaker of chains and mother of dragons from the Game of Thrones, which is quite a fetish that I’m sure we all will enjoy. The site features a lot of lesbian initiation scenes, from 69 to licking and fingering, MormonGirlz covers it all. But most of them feature scenes where the woman submits to the priest and he takes control and fucks her good and hard. Here, you can find more than 68 high-quality videos, each lasting for about 20 minutes, and more than 68 photo galleries with about 15 pictures in each.

The bonus content that this website offers is video capture pictures to give an overview of the videos scenes positions and content and a blog which explains the Mormon cult to the viewers. The videos are streamed via flash player with 520×400 resolution and downloaded in Mp4 format with 5000k at 1920×1080 resolution. The pictures can only be viewed but they are not downloadable at this time. On the mobile, MormonGirlz us even better to watch, It is not very often you see a website free from all the clutter and bustle and this website has that quality. The play button is in large orange colour so you won’t miss it and will be able to distinguish picture from video. The mobile version is a reduced version but fits perfectly and feels handy to use. The videos are slightly laggy so you will have to wait for it to buffer properly before you can enjoy fully.

Bottom Line

If you want to see great sex, hot women initiated into fucking, girls being subservient and at the same time sexy, giving in to their priest, you will want to visit this site and give it a try.