Jake Malone

Jake Malone


Making porn is a task that needs to be done by a mind that can operate in different ways. This is a task that asks for a creative eye that will be able to capture the action for different viewpoints, which will in turn satisfy the desires of all those who are watching the final result on the screens. When talking about this, you cannot do without mentioning the name of the porn director, who goes by the name of Jake Malone. He is one of the most celebrated directors of porn films. He has carved a niche for himself in this genre. It so happens that I am going to review the porn site that is called JakeMalone. This is such a page that will allow you to come face to face with all tour true deep and dark desires. You must keep an interesting thing in mind that no two people are bound to have the same taste when it comes to enjoying the porn content. Thus, this site will provide you with a variety of different contents related to all the categories. I was not sure about the particular page when I came to know about it from my fellow reviewers. But the moment I started out on the home page, I know that I have hit a jack pot. Truly, Jake Malone is an amazing network that will help you in getting the exact type of porn that your heart craves for. The site has been making ripples in the porn oriented market since the day it was launched. This web page has been in the business of catering to the porn watching needs of the people since 2011. This is a part of the network of Gamma Entertainment.
Here you will get to see sexy chicks with very hot bodies getting down on their knees for sucking the big dicks of the male models that are getting the pleasure of fucking these crazy ass chicks. You will also get to see exactly how these divas take off their clothes one by one and will entice you in garbing on to your own cock and give it a good stroking so that you can satisfy the need of placing your cock into the glory holes of these hot sex fairies. They are like naked angels, who are ever hungry for sex. They will do anything to get a great deal of cum in their face and also into the glory holes and the butt holes.

Site Layout

For getting assess to the wide range of contents, you have to get your name registered into the official link of the porn portal. This will be possible only when you log on to the home page and fill up the online form with personal details like your name, residential address, contact numbers and the age. With these, you will have to register the user name and the password with which you will be logging on to the page in the times to come. As soon as you submit the details, the server of the network will send you a confirmation via mail that your registration has been successful. After the first step, you need to subscribe to one of the many packages that they site has left on you to decide. You can select the package that will help in meeting the porn appetite of yours. The packages are marked for a certain price. You will have to pay that specific amount and then get into the world of hardcore fucking and wet pussies. You can pay the fee by using the credit card and/or by online checks. While talking about the design features, the first thing that you will notice is that the home page has been designed in such a way that it will attract many eyes easily. You will get to see the previews of the videos in a neat thumbnail fashion. The names of the models have been mentioned at the side of the previews. These names have been hyperlinked so that you can reach your destination at the click of the mouse. You will get HD quality videos clips and other high resolution images too. The videos can be streamed directly with Flash at a resolution of 960X540. You can play the videos in MP4 and WMV formats. The pictures are available in download in Zip format. There are no download limits. You will also get access to bonus sites for free. The videos can be played in any phone and in any types of display device. The site comes with a models index too. The user interface is very easy and the home page will give you access to different tabs. The navigation is very lucid. Thus, this is a great way in which you can get the much needed porn content, to please your heart, eyes and cock.

Chicks and Movies

When it comes to the chicks and the models in the videos, it is an absolute treat to watch the sexy and the crazy ass divas getting all worked up when they start sucking on to the cocks of the male models. They have their own galleries where different sex scene clips are available. Some of them have big boos while others are very good at giving blowjobs. Here you will get to see sex hungry divas with different body types. Their flawless skin will make your tongue salivate with lust and passion. There are around 242+ videos, which will run for about 30 minutes. There are 76+ galleries, each of which has 25 pictures which are full screen in nature.

Bottom Line

Thus, all it will take for you to discover this unending reserve of hardcore porn site is a casual browse through its home page. This will be enough to prompt you in getting yourself registered as soon as possible. You will definitely not feel cheated after you sample the contents.

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