GF Rampage

GF Rampage


Never have I grown tired of chicks and porn, which makes you around the internet, searching for new content that actually might excite you. Well, I found a site that gave me what I wanted, no, it keeps on giving me what I want. At gframpage, fresh girls engage in some really seductive sex, in all kinds of locations, making for a very nice collection of porn, which comes with some extra bonuses, something to light up your day.

Site Layout

Set against a black background, the home page looks really modern, but not distracting, something always to be admired, as you are here for the content, of course. Then, you have the slider at the center, one which shows you scenes from the videos, in a very good quality, already setting you up with a taste of what is to come. Scrolling down, you see a lot of videos, and choosing one should not be hard, as you have little captions, describing each and every one, making your choice easier. I also loved the sorting option, as you have new videos, the popular ones, and the ones most rated, which gives you enough criteria to narrow your search. I also loved the navigation, given how it is perfect, the site being responsive, giving me no lag while I go from video to video. I also loved the site’s response time while browsing on the mobile phone, and the fact that you just had to slide up and down to find all the videos you like.

Chicks and Movies

Seeing how the site is called gframpage, which is short for, of course, girlfriend rampage, you can definitely expect some videos to look really amateur in nature, but as the models might be amateurish, they are certainly great at what they do, and you can see that they really love it. Opening with a ginger-haired cutie, looking all innocently at the camera, whilst being only in her undies in the passenger seat of the car, the rest is pretty clear. She proceeds to suck the driver, before he pulls over and fucks her until she screams with pleasure, and being so grateful, she ends up eating up all of his cum. What a way to thank your driver. As the girls are all inocent, you have blonds, brunettes, and well, chicks of every hair color, not to mention that they are all really hot and good-looking. See the action happening in cars, rooms, balconies, and wherever girls choose to do it. Whether they go for the straight up pussy ravaging, blowjobs, or go for anal, they are great at it, and are surely to give you the seductive experience you wanted, not to mention the arousal and orgasm that follows. The video quality is also astounding, at full HD at least, you are able to see all the tiny, lovely details of a sexy body contracting from all the pleasure, ready to explode. The membership is also great, bringing to the table something of a surprise, with six more sites added to this one, just to provide you with more porn that you so very much love to watch.

Bottom Line

So, professional girls that look like amateurs while giving mind-blowing blowjobs and sucking up all the cum, straight up with some creative ideas for where the action should take place, makes this very nice porn experience. The chicks are great, sexy and in love with their work, making it more of a play thing, thus giving you more passion and lust, while getting the job done in a very professional way.