Femme Fatale Films

Femme Fatale Films


The story line on this site is drawn from a historical account of a woman who entrapped men into sexual slavery. The site features a femdom fetish with a range of twists and turns that make the audience constantly yearn for more. The site features very attractive models that you would bet cannot kill a fly. Wait until you see the gorgeous models in action.

Site Layout

The site is draped in black movie theater hue that triggers a feeling of romance and under cover antics. Let’s fast forward to the aspects that matter most on porn sites. The categories are clearly outlined for users to decide what they want to do with their subscriptions. Navigation on the site is further aided by the fact that there is not only a model index but an effective video library tour that exposes the user to a range of video scenes and sex activity scenes. I also love the fact that the site takes the time and trouble to provide textual descriptions of the ensuing scenes. If you love your scenes on your mobile devices, don’t fret because the site is optimized for mobile access too. You also get a summary of the playtime durations for each of the videos on the site. There is plenty of content to sample on the platform that when I discovered that there are no bonus sites offered on my subscription I didn’t give a hoot. You are free to stream your videos whenever you want and in whatever quantities you wish with your subscription. You are also privy to a blog site that provides for sharing of experiences. There is approximately one video added every day. This was particularly great for me since I’m one of those with undying appetite for fresh content. I also love the fact that the site does not play too hard to find. They are confident with their content and afford to provide visitors with a preview of underlying content before subscription. In fact, it is the video previews that did me in and led me to subscribe.

Chicks and Movies

I was quickly struck by the display of beautiful lingerie and video on this site. The girls are pretty by all standards. They struck me as harmless models without capacity for BDSM skills. However, as it turned out, I was wrong. Beneath the pantyhose, stockings, high heel boots and lingerie, there is a secret. The seemingly gutless beauties turn on their other side of slaving fetish when they jump on the scene with leashes, straps and attitude. I must admit that I was attracted to their dress code. In one incident that I watched just before bed on one eventful evening, I stumbled upon Elizabeth the governor. She had this slave she had received from her neighbor. The slave is accused of forgetfulness and inconsistencies at her previous employer’s post. He was brought to Elizabeth for the sake of rehabilitating him and fixing some sense back in his skull. The governor takes it in her own hands by subjecting the slave to a myriad of slavish treatments before her superior, her mistress. Her dom sex mate decides it was time to have a fling with him. Oh boy! there were so many twists that I don’t remember why the dude could have possibly made love to Elizabeth in such a steamy way.

Bottom Line

I loved the femdom. They are tolerable and entertaining. Although there are several scenes in which muscular dudes are subjected to seemingly deamining incidents, the overall impression is that the dudes choose to do so deliberately. The videos are great quality stuff you will want to watch anytime. The girls are a temptation to anyone.


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