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EmoSexGfs is one of the top amateur, user-submitted porn sites to enjoy out there. The name of the site itself is a representation of what to expect here: goth girls and plenty of sex driven portraits and videos. Of course, that is not all. Since the site is home to plenty of gorgeous goth girls who willingly share their own photos and videos, you get more than the redundant flow of the same plot over and over again. In here, you will find different settings altogether and the same could be said when it comes to the submitted photos.

The still pictures you will see are more than just the faces of these lovely goths, in them you will see such beautiful naked bodies. Different fetishes are being showcased here and sex is something that could be hardcore and softcore. Blowjobs are rather famous in this porn site, with an intimate dash of delicious deep throating. Launched just last August 2011, EmoSexGfs has proven time and time again that they are one of the finest amateur porn sites out there with various nominations and awards. Its niches include amateur girls, porn videos, and goth girls.

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Site Layout

EmoSexGfs has a rather simplified website design and because of that you will be focused more on the functions they provide rather than the superficial side of things. Despite that factor though, the site still managed to look quite good and it is really something good for the eyes. Navigation here is really easy to use and even easier to understand. The site interface is convenient, beneficial, and user-friendly, while the site arrangement is something I would consider decent. For the most part, the site functions quite well and is easy to navigate through all the time. You will find things easily here and updates are as speedy as they can be. Exclusivity is no problem around here and uniqueness is something you will get right off the bat.

Browsing is easy because you get to use the advanced search bar found on the top most part of the site, as well as the pagination link found on the bottom of every page. There is no categories list or a model index but there are various sorting options you can go for when you want to be more specific. There are currently more than 200 photo sets in the site and they contain around 50 photos each that are in hi-res. You can download them in zip files too. Of course, with your membership here, you will get free access to at least 12 bonus sites that are under the same network. Make sure to check these out because they are all heavenly.

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Chicks and Movies

The girls of EmoSexGfs are what you would consider goth girls: black eye makeup, piercings, tattoos, and a downright lethargic personality that pulls a one-eighty as soon as she gets in naughty mode. Of course, when it comes to sex and being obscene, these girls get really energetic in a snap of a finger. Since the site is technically a user-submitted porn site, the models here vary all the time and are mainly amateurs that seem to have the right kind of confidence to send in their nude photos and vulgar sex scenes. One thing that sets these girls in a common path though is their choice of wardrobe and how they carry themselves, being all goth girls. They also seem to be all ethnically different from each other sometimes. The best thing about this site is you really would not know what to expect as different things are being submitted from time to time.

There are more than 300 videos in the site as we speak and their qualities can vary from time to time, depending on how they are uploaded. Suffice to say, you will still get a lot of great quality ones, as well as decent ones. You can stream them or download them, everything is basically your choice. You can have unlimited streaming on your browser with an embedded Flash player or you can download the files in several formats like mp4 and wmv. Downloading has no limit, as well and you can choose in which resolution you would like your video to be. The site is exclusive so you will find the videos only here and not anywhere else.

Bottom Line

EmoSexGfs is one of the few great amateur porn sites out there and with that I am most definitely recommending this one to all of you who appreciate user submitted adult sites. The updates here are quite speedy and albeit a little inconsistent; of course, despite the inconsistency, they still managed to squeeze in one to two updates per week. Their content is rather unique compared to the usual porn scenes you are accustomed to but it has the same erotic, naughty feel. The quality of the videos may vary but they are all very decent, some even beyond satisfactory.

Overall, EmoSexGfs is a very good place to find worthwhile porn scenes and photos that showcase pretty goth girls with a naughty tendency. The videos are vast when it comes to themes and the photos are quite sexy despite just being photos. The site has features that actually blew my mind and there is so much going on in here that it is easy to lose track of time. Be sure to check EmoSexGfs out because you are missing out on a lot if you do not.


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