Diva Foot Fetish

Diva Foot Fetish


You know one of those mind-blowing fantasies you have been having lately? Remember that one about feet? Feet in high heels, or in beautifully laced stockings? Oh, yes, I do, and when I found divafootfetish I was really blown away.

Site Layout

The site is dedicated to the Diva and her feet, showing stunning images of her legs, and her feet, ever so slightly avoiding you by being in all sorts of sexy high heel shoes. The backgrounds are filled with classical wallpapers, some that might give your imagination incentive to come up with a very seductive story leading to you the viewer’s paradise. Scrolling the site was very fun and easy, its features, despite its very eye catching design, are so well placed, that you will have no trouble accessing them. With a large gallery of images and a sizable video collection, the material is very seductive, just like feet should be, all shot from a very provoking perspective. The response time of the site was instant, which adds to the pleasure of browsing, especially when you have a thing for feet, you just do not want to waste time on nuisances. And judging how fast the site was on the mobile phone, as well, and how well optimized, this kind of fetish could be viewed from the comfort of your bed.

Chicks and Movies

Since feet are the most important thing on this site, or the attitude the Diva possesses, we might just turn to her for our satisfaction, because that is, in fact, why I visited the site in the first place. The Diva is a gorgeous woman with a stunning body, big boobs and very sexy, long, legs. The legs are always being showed off, in whatever fashion you prefer. Long, black nylon stockings, a skirt and high heel shoes, with the camera set on the feet, from a perspective where you would be kneeling, makes all your dreams come true. The Diva is in charge and she knows it, whether by taunting you by just moving her legs a bit, or by removing her high heels, she knows all your dark, hidden feet fantasies and she will drive you crazy. Watching her videos, in clear full HD, I was mesmerized by the way she moves, talks and seduces, you arrive to a conclusion that she is directly talking to you, something you would want, for sure. An image gallery exists as well, one that you would very well like to visit, especially if you are into feet as much as I am, as it has high quality photos that you would definitely want on your mobile phone or desktop. The members area is also something to be desired as you get access to regular updates, something a person with a love for feet would definitely want, and to unlimited downloads and DRM free content, something that everybody wants. As you join, instantly, you get access to Live Cam shows as well, and I am sure you would love the Diva while she uses all of her charm and passion to seduce you into compliance.

Bottom Line

Feet paradise is what you can find at divafootfetish. From full HD videos of the Diva and her lovely legs seducing you at every turn, to photos you would want on every device you own, to unlimited downloads and cam shows, this site has it all, and most importantly, it has that fetish you love so much, feet.