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Site Layout

Bringing to the viewer, hardcore amateur videos can be quite tricky; it takes the expertise of sound cameramen, video editors and other such professionals to get these videos delivered in style. This is because there are no second or third takes; just real-life, raw, and spontaneous hard banging like you have never seen before. These are the defining hallmarks of DisgraceThatBitch. These videos are made to be streamed with high speed and can be viewed in multiple movie formats across diverse devices without any hitches. It doesn’t matter whether you own a 2.5G Android phone or the latest iOS smartphone; it doesn’t matter whether you use a PC, a laptop, or a tablet; it sure doesn’t matter whether its Internet Explorer or Firefox that you use as browser, anything you have would play these videos conveniently. You can also download all the videos into your memory bank. That’s thousands of gonzo, amateur scenes like never recorded before. It’s quite a simple site. The homepage welcomes you and gives you instant access to all the great banging videos in the archives by just clicking any of the GIF-enabled still frames stacked in rows from top of the page to bottom. Its page after page of amazing fucking delight exclusively for your view and jerking off pleasure.

Chicks and Movies

All the videos on this site are spontaneous, yet shot with the very best of recording equipment on display at the moment. These videos feature amateur chicks who are engaging in recorded fuck for the very first time; you can feel the rush, the nervousness, and the uncertainty. But with the experienced guys around, they ease out and get into action immediately. Even though naïve and simple, these girls are pretty, curry, sexy, and sure have the firepower to withstand even the largest cock slamming into their tight pussy for so long. They are amateur today, but with this kind of experience, you can bet that they would go all out and make a name for themselves in the porn world tomorrow. They have the body, face, cunt, asshole, and agility that can rival any porn star anywhere; that’s a fact! These sweet chicks make hardcore cock banging look like simply playing with a Barbie doll. They take it into their stride, moan and scream as the cocks thump their inside, yet enjoy the show so much they do not complain to anyone. Unbelievable.

Bottom Line

At DisgraceThatBitch, the guys may have achieved their goal of getting these girls fucked and disgraced; but in the reverse, they have created new sex goddesses that would come back to haunt them and fuck their brains out in no time; definitely!


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