Czasting is where the hot chicks are paired with cocks to suck. Czasting is a Euro website that hosts original content and plenty of chicks that are on the lookout for jobs in the porn industry. Well, the one and only thing they are given is a cock to satisfy, overall a good site.

Site Layout

When it comes to the layout and the design of this site this site is the same as the Mental Pass network site. That means the easy and understandable interface that leads you to relevant places that you need to go to. This also means a non-clunky layout that shows all things in plain view and doesn’t hide things from you, by displaying a lot of unnecessary info. The visuals are similar and they certainly don’t fuck around in that regards, simple interface = good user experience. They didn’t overdo it on the visuals part and you will for most parts come across simple black and white visual effects. This doesn’t mean that they are devoid of detail and there is just enough decoration in the header, but for most parts it’s blank.

Navigation is easy and can be done through the search bar, model index or the tag index. This all functions properly and up to its maximum capabilities. One good thing about this website is that is very well optimized and loading really fast on mobile devices, so you can enjoy its content even on the go.

Chicks and Movies

When faced with a difficult choice of careers these girls fortunately for us have chosen what seems to be the easy route of porn. All sorts of different girls come and ask to be fucked and filmed. All action occurs inside an office where they perform the actor examination to determine whether the girl is worthy of the obscure title of a porn-star. All girls that come here are supposed to be and do seem like amateurs, they all have their bouts of camera shy, but in the end, all exhibits a serious cock addiction.

An average length of these videos is 25 minutes and includes a short interview inside the office and all sex scenes and positions you could possibly ask for from this site. Video quality is great it cannot equal similar American sites, but they manage to pull it off quite nicely. With a good crew and above average equipment, they manage to stand out from the rest of the Euro crowd, especially other Euro casting sites. When you choose to watch the videos, flash streams them and when you want to download you can pick from a couple of things. There are the MP4 and WMV and they both come in pretty high resolutions, about 720p.

One of the things that sites could use is some work on the content amount, they do regular uploads and the content does grow steadily but slowly. When it comes to video scenes there just isn’t enough of these Czech girls, around 80 scenes can be watched currently. But there is more. Photo galleries are also available and there are around 80 of them, you can download as many pictures as you want. All the pictures are of high quality and are shot while the porn is being filmed.

Bottom Line

When it comes to amateurs and Euro girls, few do it so well like Czasting. Relatively high quality and an influx of great chicks are sure to get your attention before the offers do. The offer gives you 4 bonus sites with plenty of Euro content.


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