Club Hunter Wylde

Club Hunter Wylde


Any gay lover knows better than not to pay tribute to the name Hunter Wylde. As one of a few adult gay models who dominate the playing field, he has been able to make a name for himself in the most unforgettable ways. As they say, any Hunter Wylde movie is a good movie! Although he is merely a fresh faced Twink, he has proven that you do not have to be 80% muscle in order to dominate the game. Provided you can bring the appeal, then you are set for life. As it is obvious that I am a huge Hunter fan, I will get off my laurels and try to be unbiased. However, even if I am, I will still not be able to say anything negative about ClubHunterWylde as a solo porn site. If anything, it is perfection personified.

The models did not make any mistake bearing the names Wylde. He is truly capable of driving you wild with desire. Representing every Twink’s lover’s dream, the site truly has a lot of excitement as well as an enticement in store for you. The best thing about the model? He believes that sharing is caring! He is able to distribute his cock among all of his friends and such, leaving everyone even more satisfied than when he met them. Although Hunter is the star, he sure has a way of ensuring everyone gets a bit of the spotlight. This makes the solo site special as it is not one dimensional in any way.

Hunter Wylde often indulges in nude posing and raunchy sexual encounters with good-looking dudes. As he is quite the looker, you will be destructed often times, wondering whether to focus on the action or his angelic faces. All the other models that you will see are equally handsome too. The site also introduces the aspect of role playing, where Hunter and friends dress up in all kinds of sexy uniforms. He and his friends surely love to suck and fuck. Whether sailors or navy medics, they will always spring a sexy surprise on you.

Site Layout

ClubHunterWylde is a porn site that screams professionalism. It is systematically arranged so that you can be able to make the most of what is available for you on the portal. The site has a limited collection, therefore, it is quite easy to get around. You will not experience any challenges as far as this is concerned. All the videos are presented in MP4 formats. As there are only 20+ here you will be able to enjoy each one at your own pleasure. Apart from that, there is also a link that takes you to other sites that are of a mixed genre and equally treat you to a couple of bonus scenes. From 16+ bonuses, you will get to enjoy 1100+ videos.

When you take a tour, you will start things off with pre-checked offers, therefore, you need to uncheck them accordingly or sign up if you like the specific offers. Trial memberships are also a viable option should you decide to take the site and everything that the collection offers on a ‘test run’. If you are on a trial membership, then you will only be able to get limited access to the collection and all that it has to offer. This is the best way to determine if you want ClubHunterWylde to be part of your daily entertainment schedule.

All of the scenes that you see here are not individual videos. They are from a number of DVD titles such as ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ and ‘Twinky Heaven’. The site has a slow update schedule but does not be disappointed yet because every once in a while, you will find new additions for your enjoyment. Although the majority of the bonus sites do not update anymore, they still treat you to scenes that are worth your while.

Guys and Movies

It does not matter the kind of excitement that you will want to find here because HunterWylde and his friends will ensure that they will quickly become your favorite addiction. They are all sexy and take every opportunity to flaunt their slender bodies. They may not have heavily built muscles but they sure will leave you lusting after them in ways more than one. In the model roster, you will also recognize famous faces such as Sean Corwin Turk Melrose and Winter Vance. Together, these hunks will make sure that you get the true worth of your membership.

They indulge in old-fashioned fucking inside their bedroom bet know that you need a bit of spice when they start role playing. Some of them dress up as pool guys, Hunter dresses up as a doctor, proving that a man in uniform is quite good looking. One single glance at Hunter Wylde as a doctor and you will be convinced that he can cure you all of his horniness that ails you. It does not matter if the models are pretending, they are such naturals in all that they do.

Bottom Line

ClubHunterWylde has a lot going for it. Although the site may be limited in content, it still boasts of the unique action that it is able to provide. The videos and pictures are all of the great clarity and there are a lot of bonus sites that are all ready to stream you with amazing gay content. You will love all that is in store for you simply because these are some of the best Twink gay scenes that you will ever enjoy. Porn lovers on the go can be able to enjoy the videos right from their mobile phones.

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