Black Throat Fuckers

Black Throat Fuckers


What is your favorite oral sex type of porn? Is it cunnilingus? How about face sitting? Yes, that would be exciting porn videos for sure. However, for a lot of us guys, we would still prefer the good old traditional blowjob videos but you know what’s even better than your regular blowjob videos? Blowjob porn vids with a twist! And this is exactly what we are going to review today.

In this short review, we are going to talk about the porn site BlackThroatFuckers. And as what the name suggests, it features throat fucking, or deep throat intense blowjobs! Blowjobs so deep it reaches the ladies’ throats. That’s how hardcore these videos are. What’s more is that this porn site features black beauties! Have you noticed that porn sites featuring really hot black chicks are pretty hard to come by? Of course, there are certainly a lot of porn sites that offer black ladies as well, but porn sites solely dedicated to featuring ONLY hot black chicks? Now that’s a rarity. Fortunately, for you, my brothers who love black porn and throat fucking videos, we have found the perfect website for you. And I know that you are going to appreciate what we are going to review right now, because boy, we sure did experience quite a difficulty finding this porn site! This is truly a unique one.

Anyway, going back to the site, it is also important to note that this porn site actually belongs to a bigger group of porn sites mostly dedicated to blacks. We have Black BBW Face Sitters (for those who want another intense version of oral sex, face sitting), Big Black Booty Watchers (perfect if you’d love watching really big booties), and Big Black Lesbian Sistas (which obviously features pure black lesbian love). And these are only but a few of the porn sites included in the network. What we suggest is for you to personally take a look into each of these porn sites yourself. After all, they are also going to be included in the offer if you are going to sign up for the site.

While we are already on the topic of signing up, let us now talk about how simple it is to become a member of BlackThroatFuckers. All you need to do is to fill up a single form, and that’s it! The different membership options (there are only two: a one month and a three months option) are already included in the form so you won’t need to worry about it anymore.

Site Layout

We really enjoyed our tour of the site, mainly because of how it was designed as well. It was very effective and user-friendly. For instance, once you have logged on to the homepage of the porn site, the first thing that you are going to see is a really big and visually engaging welcome banner. When we say visually engaging, the reason is because the banner is very colorful and pleasing to the eye. Not only that, it contains some animated details of a black beauty actually being throat fucked.

Aside from the visual elements, the different niches that you are going to see in the porn site are also indicated in the welcome banner already. These are face fucking, gagging, cum swallowing, and more! Like the different porn sites included in the network, the different types of videos that you are going to see in this porn site deserve to be explored as well. This is also needed in order for you to maximize the content that BlackThroatFuckers offers.

Let us now scroll down to see what’s actually below the banner. As what you can expect, the latest uploads are already presented straight away. This is also the same with other premium porn sites, right? But what sets the previews that you are going to see here on BlackThroatFuckers from others is the fact that theirs contain more information about the video. Each preview contains different-sized thumbnails that show actual screenshots from the video. Aside from that, you would also be able to read a short description of the video that already gives you an idea of the story behind each scene.

Chicks and Movies

Let us now talk about the different scenes that you would be able to enjoy on this porn site. One thing that you would immediately notice is that the scenes are mostly intense, were the ladies are pushed to the limits of how much dick they can actually take into their mouths. After all, this is throat fucking we are talking about here. And this is also the reason why there are a lot of gagging videos on this porn site.

We also love the fact that all of their videos are in high-definition quality. This means that all of their content is clear and crisp and that you are going to enjoy every detail of the scene. We have seen a lot of other porn sites that offer the same type of video (though not featuring black women), but a lot of them were not that clear, so it wasn’t really that enjoyable to view them. You are not going to experience this here in BlackThroatFuckers however because they have already made sure that all of their scenes are high-quality and were even shot at an angle where you will see everything in plain sight.

BlackThroatFuckers has been closed, if you want to pay for a good membership just take a look at this top list of paid porn sites.