The Big Ass Girl

The Big Ass Girl


You know what I’ve been seeing over and over again from most of the porn videos these days? Pussies, boobs, and more pussies. I don’t know if you’ve arrived into this point in life but I’m sure I have. Pussies are starting to get a little boring. Don’t get me wrong, I love pussies! But I mean, have you ever asked yourself, is there something out there that’s every bit as exciting as pussies? The answer is yes my friend! It is BIG BUSTY ROUND BUTTS!!! Every bouncy surface of those amazing balloons just bumping up and down behind those girls are just fucking awesome. I’d love to get me a bunch of videos that’s dedicated to seeing how I could fuck those things. Well actually there’s a site for us to do that! The site is TheBigAssGirl website! You might not have even heard of it yet, but they’ve just started business doing ALL-BUTT action for their audience, and you know what? IT IS WORKING! All those butts getting exactly what they deserve on video is totally worth the money! You’ll be seeing a lot of things you never even thought possible with butt sex action in this website! So let me have the pleasure of giving you a short tour around their site, shall we?

Site Layout

Their homepage is filled with image previews of the Butts you’ll be seeing in action! It is also themed with white and pink colors, nice color choice if you ask me. Makes you feel like you’re trespassing something, and here’s another treat, you’ll see in the welcome page, there’s a tab that says, “Free Pictures”, and that’s no joke! There are free pictures you can download even if you’re not a member yet! Feast your eyes upon what you’re about to get once you become a member! It’s kinda like a trailer, but they also have a video trailer in their homepage too! But that’s not all! Once you become a member, you’ll get free access to their affiliated sites! Yes, you heard me right! You get a BUNCH OF PORN SITES FOR FREE! If that’s not enough, head over with me and check out their models section. It’s in that tab that says “tour”. In their you’ll witness all the models their ready to throw at your face! Oh, my oh, my! Just look at those nasty butts! I think they’re hungry for some cocks in them man. The navigation system around there site is quite simple too. No extra Ads, or hyperlinks to lead you away to some stupid survey. Nothing like that, my friend, all you get is what you’ve wanted from the start! Big ass girls just waiting to be fucked, and WILL be fucked!

Chicks and Movies

Here’s the part you’ve been waiting for my friend. Now we’ll be answering these three questions. Are these girls beautiful? The answer is HELL YES. They are handpicked models so they’re not gonna disappoint! Are the models fat? The answer to that is, NO and JUST ENOUGH. Almost all of the models they have here are sexy with gym bodies, and others are chubby, but not fat. Actually, I kinda like chubby. I think their kinda cute. Next, question. Do the girls have BIG FUCKING BUTTS. My friend. Just go to the site already and take a look. I don’t think I have to answer that but if you really want me too. Then the answer Is FUCK YEAH! Take a look on those ROUNDED SHINY BUNS just facing you in your screen! I know they’re a bit overwhelming but just wait once you see them move. Actually, you don’t have to wait, because I’ll tell you. I’ve seen them move those but to rhythms so fast that if you put your cock in ii, the vibration itself would be enough to make you cum. Got the picture? Dude they can even dance using those busty butts and have your cock inside it! These girls are trained to move and satisfy your butt loving addiction to the point where you’d feel like you have finally got it all but still WANT MORE! As for the video count, since they’re new, they started off with six hundred videos, more or less. But don’t let that bring you down, they’ve already uploaded a whole bucket load of videos since then, because they upload new videos and photos in their list every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY! That’s three times a week man! I Doubt you’d be able to handle it! Now as for the photos, dude the photos are awesome references as to which model you want to watch next. They’ve got two-hundred fifty thousand photos in their gallery! The videos also have an average length of 20 minutes each, and here’s another good news. Since the site was designed in a very simple fashion, any mobile phone with internet capability is compatible with their site, that also goes the same with tab! So wherever you are! You can always be updated to what’s new in their site! These models have a lot of creativity too! They have distinctive attractive tight outfit and exposed goods so you get asses in spandex, lycra, tights, denim, thongs, skirts, dresses, underwear, fishnets, leggings, suspenders, nylon, sparkling garments, latex, pantyhose, shorts, yoga pants and considerably more ass!

Bottom Line

I have never seen a site that has so much dedication to the beauty of asses than TheBigAssGirl website ever had. This is a great and unique site and has totally grasped the attention of many of its audience because of the several butt fucking action this site has done. As for my verdict. I’d give the site a 10/10 rating.

This site does not exist anymore, have a look at the other good fetish porn sites!


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