ALS Scan

ALS Scan


There are all kinds of fetishes in the world. Some are strange while others are outright outlandish. Alsscan is different. Do you have a fetish for girls who shave it clean? Does the thought of getting down with a clean shaven cutie raise your sexual appetite to uncontrollable levels? Well, this site has a rich collection of such models from across the spectrum.

Site Layout

The design of the site is admirable. You meet a set of pretty girls displaying their wares right from the point you land. The layout is simple but effective. There is a model index and a drop-down menu to help you navigate around. The site also loads fast and can be accessed from both PC and mobile phones. There is a clear model list with tags that lead you to the action as presented by your selected pornstar. The model index also helps you arrive at your selection decision and head straight to the action zone. Users can download vides or stream them online with the embedded Flash Player. Most of the scenes I’ve sampled so far are presented in HD. The latest images sport a characteristic high-resolution form. I was also impressed with the fact that the site allows a ZIP file download. This is an effective feature that helps users manage their content. Instead of scattering your entertainment content all over the place on your computer, the ZIP download helps you download all your favorites in one place. It also saved a lot of time sifting through files online and attempting to download them one by one. The files come in WMV, MP4 and Flash formats.

Chicks and Movies

The girls are sexy and energetic. They are in their prime years of sexual adventure. I came to learn that ‘’also’’ in the name of the site refers to: ‘all ladies shaved’’. So there is a major focus on pretty girls who prove that their crotch is shaved. The girls play arousal games with toys and engage in soft and hardcore lesbian action sometimes. My focus got a boost when I started viewing the images in the galleries. You have a lot to envy here. I thought the camera man was one lucky dude (if it was a dude). Either way, whoever was taking those photos must have been aroused to the limit. It isn’t every day that such gorgeous beauties offer to display all their treasured goodies in their skin as it happens in these scenes. Some of the models spread out their legs and allow the camera to capture, not only their nicely shaven mounds but also the cherry and the pink hole. I followed Audrey in her shows. The brown haired tall beauty is the queen of teasers. She strikes you with a contagious smile and leads you to her showroom, sometimes without your full consciousness. She is something of an intoxicating mind spectacle. Her mound is shaven and puffs out as if stuffed with some cushion. I loved her bum and the general figure too. Looking at her let lose the sensual animal in me. You have a rich reserve of content to view on Alsscan. In fact it is one of the largest reserves of content I’ve seen in porn entertainment. You have over 1200 scenes to savor on this site. If you thought that these are the usual split-up videos that characterize many sites that give a high tally for their video scenes, you are in for a surprise. Actually, the 1200 scenes on this site have an average playback time of up to 20 minutes. If you wish to cool down the heat, you also have a rich reserve of galleries to view. There are 600 hundred galleries on this site. Each of the sets has over 200 pics. I cannot complain about the quality of the videos and images I’ve so far viewed

Bottom Line

The designers did a good job at providing clear categories for the visitors to decide what suits them. The menu on the top pane of their landing page is quite comprehensive and allows you to take a snap assessment of what you should expect down the line. Most of these girls seem very calm in their skin. They also seem to know that their looks are treasured assets.


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