Venus Lux

Venus Lux


The VenusLux is a hardcore porn website, which is dedicated to one of the upcoming porn stars, Venus Lux. On this site you can find dozens of exclusive, heavy hardcore porn videos, featuring this spectacular piece of transsexual. Yes, you see it right, Venus Lux is a transsexual pornstar, and if you have already opened the page and you thought she is a girl, then you’ve just fallen into the trap that probably many other men had. Those who are transsexual-fans certainly heard about her, because her career boosted in the last two years, and nothing shows her place in the industry better than the number of solo awards she won.

You will see on the site in the first minute that it’s a newly made, modern website. The VenusLux launched a few months ago, but don’t worry, you will find her earlier videos here too, so there isn’t only five months’ worth of updates waiting for you. All videos are dated, so you will see with your own eyes, that there is three years’ worth of weekly updates on the site, and this is true for the scenes and for the picture galleries too. Venus Lux is a really successful transsexual pornstar, and she had her great change in the best time, and she will probably have a long career, because she is still under the third X.

Site Layout

Everybody likes it when a site fully works, and looks nice. The page of Venus Lux is one of those sites that have a… well, a cute design, which looks really good; there is only one problem with it: it doesn’t fit the nature of the content. Of course it can be taken as a rebellion against uniformity and the mainstream, because if you have looked around the net for transsexual porn, you surely didn’t find too many sites that are using brighter colors; all heavy hardcore sites are black, red and black or use strange color combinations. This gold and white color scheme, which is in use on the VenusLux, is a really exciting one, and the overall impression that you may get from the site is positive. The tour on the site is a rather short one: you can see some of the updates, and as a visitor, you get access to a few trailers (3-5 per day). It’s quite enough to provide you with the suitable amount of information that can help you decide whether to join this nice site or not.

Let’s assume that you decide to join. After you finish the registration, you get to the home page of the members’ zone, which lists the latest additions of the site, both the photos and the videos. To navigate through the site, you can use the main menu on the top where you can reach the updates (you can choose between photos and videos with the menu above the list), then there are the Webcam, About, Friends, Blog, Contact and Logout options. Let’s take a look at them, since the site has so many features. The Webcam section features the regularly held live cam shows of Venus Lux for those lucky tranny-fans who can enjoy a personal performance. On this page, you can also find some archived shows, so that can be considered as bonus content. On the page that you can find under the About section, some of Venus Lux’s physical attributes and contact information are featured.

A few weeks ago the Friends-page was empty, now there are two partner sites listed here; naturally both of them are transsexual themed. If you like trannies, check them, there is a lot going on, and you can enjoy videos of Venus Lux there too (they are not published on this site). The Blog of the site is the news page of Venus Lux; this isn’t an actual blog, but if something happens they announce it here, like award wins and the like. Every video and photo set is downloadable. The videos are mostly in MP4, and most of them are available in higher resolutions, and the in-browser watching also offers that quality. The pictures are available in zip format, but you may set up an online slideshow. The mobile version of the site works nicely, though it seems that there are no trailers available. Nevertheless, it’s a fully compatible, nicely done website, which offers you every option as the desktop page.

Chicks and Movies

There is only one model on the site, and that’s Ms. Lux herself. She is a Chinese-Mongolian transsexual, and possibly the Asian genetic elements makes her so tempting, because if you look at a Caucasian tranny, you probably know the first moment that she was a he before, but with the Asians a bit hard to tell. She has a natural black hair, but don’t be surprised if you see her with other colors. Her body is tight, her cock is normal, and it’s working properly. Now, for the videos, there isn’t so much to tell, because being a transsexual naturally makes all videos to be heavy hardcore. You will find here staged scenes, but they don’t follow any particular script, and if there are dialogues they are short. You will see Venus Lux dominate and be dominated, just as you will find here solo scenes featuring her playing with her cock or fuck her ass with a dildo (or even a real sex-machine). All scenes feature two-way sex, which means the she gets fucked and the ass and she fucks him in the ass too.

Bottom Line

Every transsexual fan will appreciate the videos on the VenusLux. It’s not just because the main star of the site is a tranny with growing fame, but also the high quality of the videos is a good reason for that. Everybody who likes this kind of heavy hardcore sex should check the site’s collection. The site goes strong, and it’s a good deal.


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