Velvet Ecstasy

Velvet Ecstasy


Velvetecstasy is an adult entertainment site that features video and photo scenes of couples engrossed in erotic encounters. There is a constant update of amateur models that keeps users entertained with fresh content. The scenes range from soft core to some hardcore scenes featuring attractive couples in steamy love making encounters. It makes the porn scene ever so interesting considering the fact that they are natural encounters as opposed to artificially manipulated stage shows on most other porn sites.

Site Layout

The site sports blue and white as its primary décor hues. The layout is fairly impressive too. The landing page is devoid of clutter. There is a deliberate attempt to provide a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience for users. There are organized sets of content with tags that lead to distinct categories. The site offers visitors some form of tour that provides a glimpse of the content offered. There are numerous tagged captions featuring models and couples in steamy sex encounters. One of the strengths of the site lies in their exploration of different sex acts imaginable. I visited a couple of sites under my subscription. One of the notable sites included under my primary subscription to velvetecstasy was XXX Feeds. This site comes with an array of content that provides a welcome variety, and supplements what you get under the primary subscription.

Chicks and Movies

There are many attractive models featured on velvetecstasy. The focus of the main content is on amateur couples. The videos on the site are splendidly done. In fact most of the recent scenes are all in HD form. There is some boots and heels action involved too. The platform sticks true to its natural theme with sufficient scenes that feature girl on boy encounters. Some scenes capture sexy blonde models sharing cocks and sucking up man milk with relish and gusto. If you thought that it’s all amateur stuff, you’ve got to rethink because I was introduced to real deep hardcore stuff too. Now, I wouldn’t claim that the actions of these models are anything like amateurish. The calm and stylish execution of the sex acts is a clear pointer to the experience and skill the models have on the porn scene. I viewed many anal sex scenes, boob sucking and deep throat blowjobs and ejaculations. Well, at least I could tell from the reaction of the dudes and the models when they got that far. My turning point came when I stumbled upon the encounter between Lexxi and Roman. This is one of the most titillating interracial sex encounters I have ever viewed. Well, one reason I stopped by to watch this pair is because of their unique arrangement. Lexxi, the model, is the tigress in the whole encounter. She takes the leading role in the sex scenes and rides Roman until he roars and moans with pleasure as his man milk juts out of his shaft as if there is a high hose-power pump at work under his balls. The blonde model is confident and skilled. I moved in sync as she kissed her prey from face to toe with long stoppages at the tits and cock. The site features over 1000 videos that come with a 30 minute playback spans per scene. There are over 834 galleries that contain 100 pics. The files are made in MP4 and Flash.

Bottom Line

If you feel like taking a good peek at the sexual habits of couples, or even getting a close view of the naughty sex escapades by the tender, energetic and restless women in relationships or otherwise, check out Velvetecstasy. You also get a rich and invaluable access to a range of sites. They feature sex scenes in their raw and natural form so that you naturally get the kick too.