Tyler is a boy with big dreams and an even bigger appetite for guys like him. He’s always wanted to build his own empire that consists of the most lustful and slutty gay men he’ll ever find. That is why, he had the guts to come up with TylersRoom. A gay porn site that boasts of its amateur jocks and twinks, its tremendous and intense bareback fucking, and many more that involves cocks, cum, and assholes sporadically. Tyler himself, a Canadian piece of meat, was the sole porn star who graced the screen of TylersRoom but eventually, he’s found friends along the way. With his friends, he is set to conquer the future of gay porn and its components. Don’t be too hasty to judge though, although these boys claim to be amateurs, they are definitely falling far from that tree. They are the usual gay guys who’d always go for cock, no matter the circumstances.

Site Layout

TylersRoom is the kind of site that you’ll be relieved to browse through since it comes out as something neat and very easy to navigate your way through. It will not confuse you and the links are found in places they are supposed to be found. Thumbnails are always present for easy viewing and maneuvering, and there is a ‘frequently asked questions’ page, along with billing support and the lot. TylersRoom might not be very exclusive, since you’ll be finding some of their works outside the site, but you’ll still need to be a member and pay the monthly fee before you can benefit from everything found in the site. A trial membership can be chosen if one wishes to check ahead before engaging in a more serious note. Of course, a trial membership will only get you as far as a few videos and photo sets to view and a few days to spare to do such. If you want to gain more, you’ll have to upgrade your membership and then reap the rewards of doing so.

TylersRoom has over 390 videos and/or scenes to gloat and jive about. The latest videos are in high definition whereas the older ones may have lower resolutions, but still pack a decent quality. Videos are subjected to either online viewing via Flash players or downloading. Watching the video online will mean you’ll need to stream it using an embedded Flash player. Resolution size may vary from time to time since adjusting movie size is possible in your browser. Then again, a maximum of 960 x 540 is set to the bar. Downloading could be another thing since you’ll get to choose from different types of video file formats. You’ll have the option to download them in WMV format or MPEG format.

From my experience, I always go straight to WMV format since it has better resolution and quality. The WMV format offers an impressive 1920 x 1080 resolution while the MPEG format only delivers a not-so-bad 1280 x 720 resolution. Both are colossal and outstanding so it really isn’t a competition. Aside from the high definition videos it offers, I don’t want to forget mentioning that each movie/scene has its own photo set and screen shots. These sets can either be downloaded in zip files or viewed online through slideshows. Aside from those astonishing features, I want everyone to know that your TylersRoom membership can grant you access to other bonus sites that cater to the same genre and niche. So besides the already high enough number of content found in TylersRoom, you’ll also get additional videos, photos, and boys from sites under the same network.

Guys and Movies

The majority of the boys found in TylersRoom are generally just the attractive bunch. You won’t find a single plain-faced boy sitting in one corner because all of them are equitably and fairly captivating and very pleasant to look at. These jocks and these twinks may have a difference in terms of the substantial and the visceral particularity in the body but they are correspondingly in the same boat: they want to fuck and they want to be fucked. Whip out those huge cocks and tight little asses and you’ll have yourself a hardcore party on the other side of your screen.

Though it may seem messy, with all the cum and the cocks being thrown around, you’ll find that it’s the kind of messy you want to be part of. Although most scenes focus on solo playing, there are quite the number of scenes that also focus on anal kissing, bareback fucking, intensely passionate hand jobs and blow jobs, threesomes, mini orgies, and huge ones. There are so many videos to look forward to and enjoy. The boys are sweet visions of ecstasy and they would want nothing but to pleasure themselves and their viewers.

Bottom Line

If you are someone who thoroughly enjoys twinks and jocks having a go at it at any given time and at any given place, then heck yeah, I’m going to recommend this site to you. Not only does it feature a lot of scenes, a lot of movies, and a lot of photo sets but it gives you the right amount of gorgeous men to boot. The video qualities are pretty decent and the latest ones are even on a high roll. Photo sets are available as well and they are mostly in hi res.

Despite the site being described as filled with amateurs, I’ll have you know that these guys are far from that. They are professionals and they do their own things with utmost vigor. I find the boys skirting on captivating and alluring to being downright nasty and smutty. I don’t usually give senses of approval right away but seeing as how the site has been around for some time now and they’ve pretty much entrenched and ingrained quite a straightforward, dependable, and illustrious reputation to the widespread audience.


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