TS Chelsea Marie

TS Chelsea Marie


The outfits and provocative outfits seen in her last update where she is clad like a beautiful vampire mistress add an added dimension to the kinky High-Definition films. You got to love a transsexual who shows equal affection to all sexes, and this is that gal. Sexy to the bone with a huge boner, which spits out thick bucket loads of jizz, you will find yourself knee deep in lust the second your gaze lands on this tattooed tgirl.

Site Layout

Nothing makes a site stand out like its design. TS Chelsea Marie is offering you good smut in a silver plated; that is a unique site design. The design is easy on the eyes. I love the navigation feature. You want to move to the site seamlessly as you savor what Chelsea is affording you. The site layout is something to talk home about. TS Chelsea Marie incorporates a very exciting layout. All the tabs and links are arranged very well arranged, and other features are placed in their rightful positions.

Also, there are numerous zones that in fact links to her social media pages such as Twitter and Facebook. I did find that there are a distinctly labeled film and image area, in addition to a picture section. Talking of the photos, they are all coming in high resolution and can be downloaded in zip files. The zip feature is handy when it comes to saving an enormous amount of images in every photo gallery. I did find that the films come numerous download dimensions, and each film is coming in high definition. Also, users can stream every MP4 file via a Silverlight player.

Chicks and Movies

When you land on the site, you will get a movie preview on the left. This is a primer by Marie to her official platform trailed by flicks of her getting banged by other males as well as shemales. The content comprises of original high definition material of TS Chelsea Marie. I did find that they have around 30 films plus fifteen scenes that act as a bonus. I did not see Chelsea featuring in any of the bonus platforms, even though they are adding extra value to your subscription cost.

Every movie is accompanied by image set of around 150 images. Each scene provides a distinct setting as well as theme. The act labeled ‘Hardcore Job Interview’ shows Marie interviewing a man for a handyman position and receives the upper hand as they suck each other’s dicks. Moving forward, you have ‘Down by the River’. The scene is an outdoor masturbation scene where Marie fondles her dick on the sand next to a river before splashing her load on her hands. Her shaft is fat, and it jets out loads of jizz. However, the way it does it is what will get you glued to this platform, and mark my words on that!

The film quality is impressive, and the platforms warrant more points for that. They have kept their promise to offer only the highest quality films as well as images, which you will never get to see on any other web platform. Each film is coming in a Full-HD in the greatest movie quality. Images uploaded here are of a pretty high resolution. Their resolution size reaches up to 1680px. You should not miss the incredible features and exciting provisions offered by TS Chelsea Marie.

Bottom Line

TS Chelsea Marie includes a tag line stating she is beautiful and amusing, and I can verify that she is all three and a whole lot more.

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