Tricky Agent

Tricky Agent


Europe has always been home to quality porn and you could say that the countries that make up the continent are well aware that they could produce really good ones using their overly gorgeous females and perfectly chiseled males. Of course, I am not saying that only Europe could produce good and quality porn, I am just saying that Europe has a lot of them hanging around, going unnoticed. Take for example, Russia. It is really good at making reality porn-themed stuff. I can say this because most of the things I got with the said theme hailed from Russia. It also helps that Russia has really beautiful ladies that exist in the porn industry and so, you could say that it is the perfect combination. TrickyAgent is a porn site that takes on a bunch of niches including reality porn, amateur girls, and hardcore sex.

Those three combined is the ultimate kind of porn that may only reside in our dreams but really, it is not. It is rather rampant in European porn but TrickyAgent takes the icing off the cake. With its unique take on picking up girls in the streets to engaging in really hardcore sex, you could say that this particular porn site truly is a treasure trove. Launched in May 2013 by Serious Cash and is under the famous network, Dirty Flix, this naughty porn site sure knows how tug at boners and the likes. It begins with a man and his desire to trick girls into giving him a blow job and eventually sex. The gullible girls are easily tricked and then later on, the hardcore play ensues like it is the most normal thing ever. Of course, that is so typical of something European. Europe practically has porn on their advertisements and no one bats an eyelash – what more if porn was made for the sake of porn.

Site Layout

The most amazing thing about TrickyAgent is that they surely know how to make a banging site without going overboard. This means that the site is practically devoid of anything outrageous. Also, I love how they kept it simple and humble, yet it still looks really good. First of all, you would have to register as a premium member before being able to access the rest of the features that the site offers its members. This means filling up a form and choosing a payment plan that you can settle on. Yes, this is a pay site and so you will need to decide on that. If you still seem undecided even after this review, they have a trial period that you can avail of with a cheap price, but the trial version does not do the site any justice since it will only allow you access for a limited amount of time and it only gives you a couple of minutes on their videos available on trial.

Every single thing is limited in a trial version, so keep it mind. If everything works fine, you will be able to roam freely in here and enjoy the freebies and the amazing features the site has. A feature I love the most about this site is how they managed to deal with the filtering and sorting options. Their advanced search bar is also a great help, especially if I get too lazy browsing meticulously over their content. With the filtering options, you can go for sorting out tags and the likes. Easier and faster, also more efficient. Now, the site houses a lot of photo sets, around 100 to be exact. You will notice that the photo set is equal to the amount of videos available and this is because every single time a video is uploaded, it is accompanied by its very own photo set.

So, you could say that there are no individual videos nor individual photo sets. They always come in as a pair and I love that. The almost hundred photo sets can be downloaded in zip files, saved individually to your chosen device, or simply viewed online in your browser in slideshow mode. Each photo set has around 100 photos inside it, all in high resolution, with 1600 x 1200 in size or dimension. Aside from the photos, there are tons of things that you should check out. When you check out the main page, you will notice that it is filled with newly uploaded videos that come with photo sets, thumbnails, descriptions, tags, and so much more. The entire library of videos can be accessed by clicking on the ‘More Videos’ link found on top of the site. It comes along with the home page link and the members’ area link.

Chicks and Movies

Amateur Russian chicks engaging in hardcore sex, what else could be greater? I personally love the action going on here and the many things that make up this amazing porn site. Not only is it unique in many ways but it sure does bring out great fapping material, if I must say so. These gorgeous Russian ladies star in high definition videos that has a perfect resolution of at least 1920 x 1080p. It does not stop there because you will be overjoyed to know that all of their videos have the same high definition quality. Downloading the video in MP4 or Windows format is possible, as well as streaming them in your browser. You just need an updated and embedded Flash player for you to start streaming. There are almost 100 videos in the site and the updates are happening quite fast. Each video lasts for 30 minutes and they are glorious as can be.

Bottom Line

Great quality videos, great update pace, gorgeous chicks, hardcore sex, this site has all of them, so it is hard not to recommend this to anyone who loves reality porn. You get unique content and you get more than you bargained for, so to say.


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