Throated is a hardcore porn site that focuses on a very popular niche, namely throat fucking, facials and cum swallowing.

Site Layout

The vast majority of porn sites have very basic and simple designs and layouts so that the user does not have to put a lot of thought into how they should use the website since after all we are talking about porn, so something that is treated primarily as a leisurely pass time or something people watch to relax. The design and interface of a porn site should be simple and to the point, its main focus being to simply serve as a place where you go for porn, not somewhere you go to appreciate the graphics of the website in question or how well the site is laid out.

In this sense, the Throated website is remarkably pleasant to use, with its dark background and pops of bright red, which is a color combination that pleases a lot of people because it evokes sensuality and sex as well as serving as a great backdrop for the thumbnail images that pretty much tell you everything the user needs to know about the video in question after a couple of seconds. A great feature of the website is the timer in the upper right-hand corner of the site, which is, in fact, a countdown timer to a live performance that is going to be featured on one of Throated’s partner sites, that members of Throated have access to as well.

Chicks and Movies

All the videos featured on the Throated website are shot in POV style which makes for some great visuals of beautiful women performing oral on very large dicks and showing off their very impressive skills. The ladies are obviously very talented and come from a number of ethnic backgrounds and all have amazing bodies. Another great added bonus is the fact that the guys in the videos are of different ethnicities as well so there is something for everyone.

Most of the videos are shot in HD, with some exceptions, namely the older videos that date back to the mid 2000s but still they are by no means bad quality. At present, there are approximately 530 videos currently on the site, all available for downloading or streaming by site members in a wide variety of formats, suitable for watching on a screen of virtually any size what so ever and each video has roughly 25 minutes of footage. Members also have the option of watching or downloading the image galleries that come with the videos in compressed zip files. To date, there are approximately 515 picture galleries on the site with around 160 pictures in each gallery.

Throated also has a mobile version of the full site, as most porn sites do today to keep up with the increasing demand for mobile devices so there is no need to worry about how the videos will look like on a little screen or how the user will be able to transition from the full website to the mobile version.

Bottom Line

Throated makes for a very interesting viewing experience since it is shot in POV format which leaves a lot of room for the imagination usually, so the viewer can even fantasize about himself being the protagonist of the video, being sucked off by a gorgeous woman.


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