Third World Shemales

Third World Shemales


If it is porn you need (or maybe just want), in the internet, it is exactly what you will get and more. Yes, the internet is crawling with different types of porn sites. The number of genres it covers is endless and the possibilities are boundless. That is the main reason why I stopped purchasing DVD’s because when I think about it, I get more from porn sites and they do not over charge me with ridiculous prices fit for only a king. Of course, we need to configure and disassociate the bad ones from the good ones, but this is why we have reviews, so we guys can make it easier for you to choose in the first place.

If you are like me and love the way shemale porn is and what it brings to the table, then you should familiarize yourself with the companies that make mediocre ones and the companies that make superb ones. One of the best porn companies out there that make the best transsexual porn is Grooby Bucks. From the company name itself, you are sure you would be getting plenty of fun times. Not only do they come up with really entertaining stuff, they make sure that it lasts and it will urge you to come back and have some more fun later on. A favorite of mine from their many collections is ThirdWorldShemales. The name might say “third world” and you might think it has anything to do with “third-rate” but it is not like that. The site is far from being so and they actually give excellent, exclusive, and superior content compared to other porn sites that take on the same niches.

Site Layout

ThirdWorldShemales has always been the perfect place to find great quality porn that features plenty of gorgeous shemales. Being a site of their caliber, you would think that they pump in elegance in every element of their site but that is not so. The company made sure that the site stays humble and simple; making sure that it is quality before anything else. Sure enough, with the simplicity it gives off and emanates, you are sure to establish and ruminate the content of the site rather than how it looks like. Minimalism is its main approach and if I am correct, it has always been like that ever since its famous and controversial launch.

The site design remains elegant despite the candor and modesty, and the navigation here is essentially very easy to understand and decipher. With the obvious absence of complication, you will find the entire site simple and easy to manage. Even the user interface, something most sites do not have, is user-friendly and just as understandable. With the amount of years it has on the calendar, you would say that they are professionals and they have established a porn site that certainly caters to every one of the member’s wants and needs. And yes! They actually do that, rather perfectly, I must say so. They have a 24 hours customer service, a FAQ page that will help you troubleshoot little problems, and so much more.

The links that you will need to get through the rest of the site is on top of the site and they do not contain more than five links. This makes the site really straightforward. You will notice that the site only has links on top for the home page, the updates, and the member’s page. This is also due to the fact that there isn’t a page for the videos/movies. You can access the videos through the model index and this goes on by sorting them using the porn stars. In the model index, you can find a portrait of the girl, a short biography, and a link to where you can access the respective videos they are featured in. It is handy, it is easier, and it certainly makes everything else really simple and uncluttered.

There is no advanced search bar or other filtering options but with how things work here, you will not need it anyway. Aside from these features, the site houses a couple of photo sets. By a couple, I mean 400+ photo sets that contain about 100 photos each inside that are all in high resolution, with a dimension of 1280 x 960. The photo sets can be downloaded in zip files or you can save them individually. Also, in addition, you get to have full access to other sites that are under Grooby Bucks, for free. This includes a variety of really great shemale porn sites. Think of it as an extension and an addition to the already growing number of content in ThirdWorldShemales.

Chicks and Movies

The girls of ThirdWorldShemales cannot be compared to other sites because they are all gorgeous and hot to begin with. With the amount of hardcoreness and greatness they add to every scene, it is quite hard to compete with these genuine beauties. These tgirls mostly come from Asia, Latin countries, and some other places that are considered “third world”. This does not mean that the content is something inferior than any other porn sites. In another note, I think ThirdWorldShemales is one of the best transsexual porn sites out there and only a few could match up to its greatness.

For the most part, the scenes here are mostly very hardcore and you get to see plenty of shemale to shemale action, as well as some shemale to male nastiness. Either way, you get great content with even greater quality. The pixel resolution available for both downloading and streaming is set at 1280 x 720. The older ones are a little lower but still really decent. There is no download limit and everything here in exclusive. The updates are rolling in frequently, as well.

Bottom Line

ThirdWorldShemales is definitely recommended to those of you who love great and quality transsexual porn. Not only does it offer great features, quality videos, and high quantity count, it is presented rather elegantly and is really good for entertainment purposes. The action is hardcore and a lot of fetishes are covered here.

This website is no longer updated, have a look at this best tranny porn sites collection!


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