It is such a struggle to thrive in the porn business industry. The adult entertainment has transformed into a battle-arena of website contesting for members. Some clever establishments, conversely, are searching for precise viewers, as they recognize few are the corporations, which offer niche content. TeenTugs picked hand-jobs as their primary concentration of creation, toting the amateur concept to boost even more the uniqueness of their content to guarantee exclusive films and photos.

Site Layout

The site members’ section allows prompt entry in the episodes, girls’ report and to the newest updates. Scenes can be arranged by popularity, date, and other features, having a comprehensive textual information of the setting and the precise photo gallery, too. An inbuilt flash player is employed for streaming. The player is very easy to handle and provides high seed connection to eschew any stumbling. You can even forward without any fears of collapsing the video. The website’s archive is still developing, but gathers a decent content amount, with 130+ scenes with a gallery encompassing 60+ pics for each scene. The video quality of downloadable media is caped in 1280×720, in mp4 format. This resolution and quality of the clips is very good. Updates are continually made, so you can anticipate a novel model, and at times numerous beauties, milking some rod in a fresh film and its corresponding photo gallery. Most engaged members usually air their views through the “create a scene” feature, selecting their preferred hotties and precise conditions they want to watch perfecting into a novel flick.

Chicks and Movies

Since opening its doors in 2012, TeenTugs has a reputable library and a stimulating concept, then again does it deliver the promises? First things first, the choice of girls is an aspect that TeenTugs was very serious on, ensuring to amass a collection of precisely the most amazingly minute beauties for the filming. They even boast of this in the models directory, offering their tallness on their profile. As a natural distinction, the producers chose enormous male actors to emphasis the girls height. So the acted scenes and diverse circumstances depicted in the flicks are matched with the accurate choice of the stars. Prior to the action, there is a nice advancement of the scenes searched, with minimal but basic script to reserve the concept surveyed. In many occasions the scenes commence displaying the guiltlessness and sexual witlessness of the females, advancing to the handjobs separating some sex chat and the erratic lubrication with lube, saliva, and at times a quick suck. Since the models are very minuscule, they have at times to jerk their male off with two hands, rendering the handjobs extremely powerful and stimulating. The ultimate outcome is noble, very good. As a matter of fact, it is very hard to definite how delightful the action is, because handjobs are not known to be as stimulating for the majority. However, TeenTugs movies transforms them into something that is nearly unbearable not to jerk off to, picking only the prettiest and new girls into picture.

Bottom Line

The website ensures quick and instinctive searching. Sets are well ordered and exhibit a good display of information. In similar tab you find the corresponding photos, hence everything is appropriately placed. The theme and settings focused are not actually distinctive, however the producing and the sex scene stand out in comparison of the content you will find it by other alike sites.


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