Teensleepover is one of the sweetest, most refreshing websites in this category. It is a perfect website for anyone who wants to explore another world, filled with gorgeous, fresh girls and exclusive, high quality material. It is definitely an interesting take on this category and will satisfy even the most pretentious tastes.

Site Layout

The teensleepover website really has an interesting and fun new design. It is colorful and filled with great content and it manages to bring all that to you without feeling very crammed or too overbearing. The website logo sets the tone immediately, as their logo greets you with an adorable teddy bear right from the start. The background is white but the website has an abundance of fun, bright colors. The top of the page is filled with hot photos of the girls in action and, as you scroll down, you can see some text written in the comic sans font. You get a number of buttons for both members and new users, directing you to their special offers. The membership plan is one of the best, giving you access to seven more similar websites. What I liked best is, that when scrolling down, you encounter a button that gives you the opportunity to download a free trailer and really see what teensleepover is all about. The trailer is very nice and well put together, making the most out of the content that they have. The website also works very well on various mobile devices.

Chicks and Movies

Teensleepover really stays true to the theme, namely staying over with innocent hot girls. They have a lot of HD videos and tons of high-resolution photos, but you can also get varying qualities, because they claim that sometimes they are filming the scenes in a hidden camera style. They do this to more faithfully portray what goes in these naughty girls’ bedrooms and they definitely succeed. From sexy pillow fighting to hot sex, the website really has it all. Teensleepover is set on seeing if girls really want to explore each other’s bodies and how far will they go with girl on girl action. The answer the site gives is pretty far. Exclusive new content is uploaded almost daily, so there is a lot to choose from and it never gets boring. Even though this website is more focused on lesbian porn, with innocent girls tapping into their naughty, sexy side, the other websites have more diverse content when it comes to fresh-faced models enjoying different types of sex. Most of these girls could be models, even supermodels, but they love exploring with sex and getting to know each other in many different ways. They have stunning bodies, with long legs, cute little butts and perky boobs, not to talk about their other assets. They look friendly and approachable, in the true girl next door style. And, what’s even better, they seem to genuinely love slumber parties. When putting these adorable beauties together in the same bedroom, things really get wild.

Bottom Line

Teensleepover caters to very specific needs. If you are a fun of watching these cute girls have the naughtiest, best slumber parties ever, this is the place that you need to visit. There are tons of exclusive content, a realistic hidden camera feel, the website is super professional and the girls are really a sight to see. Teensleepover is a great girl on girl website that will always keep you coming back for more.