What is better than a porn network? A group of different porn networks connected with each other, that’s what! We are talking about the site that we are going to feature today. It is a network of different porn sites on its own while it is also connected to another mega site (in the same genre), and another big porn network with one of the biggest collection of lesbian porn. Are you excited already? Yes, we are truly going to talk about some big porn sites today so let’s start. First, the porn site that we are going to feature in our review is called TeenDepot. It is a very good resource to view the freshest chicks we’ve ever laid out eyes on. It is a great way to renew our view in porn, being used to seeing “veterans” with their body more or less all used up (no offense but it’s true). Not to mention that seeing a new porn star is always a better experience for us. We really appreciate the fact that their stars have this sort of career growth in the porn industry, it makes their porn stars work harder and appreciate their job a little bit more which will give a certain quality to their acting and overall performance. Now let’s talk about the porn site’s statistics. TeenDepot currently has almost 1.5 million high-resolution images, more than two thousand one hundred full-length movies, more than five thousand six hundred different porn stars, and finally, over fifteen thousand of fresh content (mostly new photo sets) for everyone to explore! But the perks don’t stop there. Remember the two other porn site and network that we have mentioned in the beginning? We are pleased to tell you that TeenDepot is also affiliated with one of the biggest sites that include the freshest models in the industry; TeenDreams contains over one million high-resolution images, almost twelve thousand different photo sets, almost six thousand porn stars, and finally more than one thousand high-quality videos. This porn site has been in existence for nine years now and has helped thousands of porn stars launch their careers. The stars that they have helped are now some of the hottest and most in-demand faces in the industry. Aside from TeenDreams, this porn site is also affiliated with Les Archive. This is a really big porn network that contains one of the biggest collection of lesbian porn movies and photo albums all in one place. It is said that it even has almost twice the content as compared to its nearest rival. So, are you all ready to be a part of this porn site? Then allow us to give you the membership details. There are five membership options to choose from. We must say that this is probably one of the porn sites with the most membership options available. These options are a one-month non-recurring plan, a one-month recurring plan, a three-month plan, a six-month plan, and finally a one-year plan.

Site Layout

Upon analyzing the website design and layout of the site, we think we already know why the porn stars in their network get famous fast. The reason is because their entire porn site is designed to be model-centric, which means that they really flaunt the beauty of their models here. You can see it through the thumbnails, the banners, and all the other site elements in the overall design. Once you have landed on the porn site, the first thing that you are going to see is the website’s banner. It is a scrolling banner that features their latest porn sites. Scrolling down, you will then see the thumbnails of their latest porn models. We also appreciate that they also feature porn models in pairs as well, those that specialize on girl on girl porn. Scrolling down, you will see more thumbnails, this time featuring their latest videos. However, these thumbnails again, present them in a way that brings focus to the model. The title of the videos themselves is named after the porn stars that star in them, and the thumbnails show the photos of the model. Below that are identical thumbnails, only this time, they feature the latest photo albums available. Finally, at the very bottom of the page, you will see the links to the other porn sites within the network. Again, you will notice the recurring theme of giving honor to their models. Their sites are all named after them, with the term “sweet” at the beginning of it. For instance: Sweet Marci, Sweet Monika, and Sweet Denisa.

Chicks and Movies

All we can say is that this porn site is perfect for those who love beautiful girls. We are not saying that other porn sites don’t have beautiful girls because they have those as well, but we have noticed that other porn sites tend to focus on the genre or the overall theme of their videos. In TeenDepot though, they don’t really focus on one type of genre (that is why you will find different niches here). They focus on their ladies. They don’t have a specific type. The only common denominator among all their models is that all of them are drop dead gorgeous. Honestly, we haven’t seen a collection of women as perfect as this! And when you have really hot girls, the videos will soon follow because no matter what they do, you are guaranteed to surely have a good time.

Bottom Line

In the end, we really enjoyed our tour of TeenDepot. The name really suits it because, like your regular depot, you will surely see a huge selection of different things (in this case, girls and videos). Everyone who likes to watch porn starring hot and fresh chicks will surely find themselves at home here.