If you’re looking for a new kind of pornographic viewing experience, then come to TabloidMen, this new trending website offers you the chance to view all your favorite male Hollywood stars, singers, athletes and models in their most sexy and obscene scenes seen on movies and televisions. You’ll have your fill seeing all those familiar faces you haven’t even thought been taped naked. Every one of us for sure had encountered watching television and seeing hot actors go all topless or even all frontal in front of the wide screen of our televisions, well if you want to see and recall all of those hot scenes and more than definitely go and visit the site with its wide compilation and selection you’d be sure to hunt down every hot celebrity male names you know.

Site Layout

Hunting down your favorite stars has never been this fast and easy, with well-organized tabs and links that sure to bring you directly where you want to be. The site is comprised with eight main tabs, namely: home, login, celebs, photos, videos, dvds and a tab where you can join, very simple and self-explanatory, but just to give you an idea and show how great it is I’ll give you a reading tour. When opening the website you definitely want to go to the celeb tab first, they give you the option to view either actors, models, musicians or athletes, this tab gives you about 48 different pages of multiple video offerings.

What’s great here is that only the hottest scenes are shown so videos will just run for about seconds and minutes, it won’t give boring scenes, only those that will get your eyes popping. The website at its very early age already have more than 1600 videos that can be streamed in a mp4 format, videos may not be in high definition but can still be viewed in good quality. If you’re not sure what to watch or when to where to starts, they offer a subtab selection from their most recent, most popular or if you want to view by title or name, everything is sorted out in a concise and easy way.

After seeing the videos, take your time to view their huge photo collections, they have more than a thousand pictures of your celebs and that’s about 29 pages of galleries to view on, each gallery shows you the number of photos included inside, as for Chris Evans that has about 80 photos in his own gallery all in all, he’s also featured in their most popular category. Another great thing about the site is that it’s updating its contents daily, there’s always something to look forward to everyday. Viewers need not to worry about different ads here (as you may ask) since their website will give no disturbances or redirecting when using and exploring.

The website prides itself for having a safe, secure and private transaction for account creation and payments, a fast and easy way of registering is made for subscribers, just go to their join tab and follow the specific guidelines and you’d be a member in no time. Go check their link tab too, they offer different variety of porn sites with great deals and discounts that you might like. If you think that’s over, the website also gives 12 video feeds to different gay porn sites as bonus to their members and your feeds gets renewed as your membership lasts, now that’s definitely a deal to take.

Guys and Movies

There’re so many big names featured in this website, it would definitely be too long and impossible to name all of them. Just to give you an idea, Jake Gyllenhaal is featured here, this blue eyed hot American actor is seen here in different movies and scenes, so it’s not only Brokeback mountain as you may be thinking but definitely more that you didn’t even know he starred and posted nude in. Also, watch actors like Jamie Dornan as he portrays to be that kinky philanthropic masochist in fifty shades of grey, recall all of those hot erotic sex that once made you super horny in the theater or from your home. They are offering new and old celebrities, you still can watch those movie scenes from the 90’s that gave you a massive boner.

This website not only features actors but musicians too, so you’ll be seeing different boy bands, solo artists, rappers and more. Of course, you can’t be making a website like this and feature musicians without adding Justin Bieber, they have about 74 sexy photos of this hot Canadian popstar. The cast of one direction is also here if you’re wondering, I think I’ve seen every member except for Niall Horan (probably yet to come), each of them have tons of videos and photos to see, and Let’s not forget that models and athletes are also featured here as two individual category that features stars like Cristiano Rolando, Lebron James, Dwayne Johnson and more.

Bottom Line

This is definitely the website for anyone who’s bored of watching their ordinary porn, spice it up and make it different this time by going to the website and checking for yourself. We’ve always fantasized about celebrities ever since, and we’ve to try to google their names to see their most sexiest actions on and off cam , we’ve even tried to see if they’ve made a porn flick or not, and all of this searching only lead to google providing us different links just to see a tad of skin. Well, you don’t have to search all your favorite stars one by one since TabloidMen already provides everything in their huge compilation.

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