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SuperRamon is a superb site from the Trans500 Network, and offers the amazing tranny porn like none has offered before. Tranny porn is a relatively unexplored niche in the porn world, and there are very few of them who produce great porn content with shemales, and one among them is SuperRamon and all sites in the Trans500 network.

There’s something kinky about seeing someone fuck a shemale hard, and when a cosplay is involved, the kinkiness is enhanced by leaps and bounds. SuperRamon features a superhero who loves to help trannies in distress, and in return, he gets to fuck these bitches like there’s no tomorrow, giving them the most pleasurable moments of their lives. Revolving around his adventures and stories of him saving trannies and solving their problems in a skintight spandex garment with a crotch-hole, SuperRamon is sure to keep you hooked on to your computers for a long time. Additionally, his black sidekick is his partner-in-crime, and together, they have a whale of a time.

To know more about tranny sex and how SuperRamon can give you the whale of a time that he has, check out the review presented below. You will realize why SuperRamon is a superhero and how he has influenced your cock to watching some of the most unique tranny sex videos and scenes in the world. After you read the review, you will be motivated to join this site and become a member.

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Site Layout

SuperRamon is a very interesting one and created very intelligently. It has a very clean and contemporary feel. SuperRamon has a lot of features that make navigating through the website simple and easy. The colours used in SuperRamon are basic, consisting of white, orange and grey, but when combined, the blend beautifully with the overall theme and design. White is primarily used for the background on which all the contents are placed. Orange is used in the links, and used restrictedly, to give depth to the site. Orange and grey form the text of the site. The colours complement each other wonderfully, to give a gorgeous effect to the homepage.

When you enter the website the first thing that you will notice is the slideshow. The slideshow has explicit pictures of Super Ramon and hot trannies getting it on. It gives a peek into what to expect from the website. If you check out the topmost portion of the website you will see social media links to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

There are various tabs on the website that help you navigate through it such as home, videos, live cam, members access, exclusive sites and TS models featured. The model’s section has information on the tranny and all the videos that she has performed and featured in. The videos too have keyword tags so that you can find exactly what you are looking for. The date of the upload has also been mentioned along with the video and the quality of the video is mentioned as well. There is another section that completely focuses on live cam chats, and is powered by Trans500. Clicking on the Live Cam link takes you to Trans500Live, the live cam site. With pornstars getting star rating from viewers and members, you can search for your favourite pornstar based on the ratings too.

Before we proceed to describing the trannies and the videos they feature in, check out the subscription details. SuperRamon offers two membership options, a recurring and a non-recurring. Within the recurring plans, there is a monthly plan and a quarterly plan, with the quarterly plan being the most popular, and will give you a significant discount over the monthly plan. There is also a non-recurring one-month plan that you can try out.

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Chicks and Movies

Let’s talk about all the trannies that the website has in store for you. This website boasts of some of the hottest booties in place for you to jerk off to. Except for SuperRamon and his sidekick, everybody else is a smoking hot tranny bitch, who knows and loves to take hard boners deep into her ass. Hat’s off to the creators of SuperRamon, they have managed to find the most beautiful and kinkiest trannies from across the world. Check out SuperRamon for names like Venus Lux, Silvia Santana, Melaninny Vilhena and about a dozen others. You will find that they have awesomely beautiful tits, perky and soft and candy-like nipples. Squeeze or suck them, play with them and twist the nipples throughout the night, if required. You will find that the shemales and trannies are game to whatever you do.

SuperRamon is also very well-endowed and his monster dick can be accessed through the hole in his tight spandex document. These trannies and T-girls are more than happy to let a horny and kinky guy like SuperRamon to fuck them. Let us talk about the technical aspect of this website. The owners of this website give you total access to all of the content that they have on their website. You will find around 15 videos here. All of these videos are in full HD so you can visualize every nook and cranny. You can either stream these videos online on the flash player that is embedded on the website or you can download the videos and watch them at your own convenience. There is no download limit, so you can go nuts downloading everything. Download are available in MP4 format. The highest resolution that you will find is 1920 x 1080 @ 5000 kbps.

Bottom Line

SuperRamon is a fantastic and adventure-filled website and I’m sure that you want to join the website after you’ve read the review. SuperRamon has awesome and hot tranny sex with cosplay involved, with the sexiest trannies you may have ever seen. These trannies love to get down and dirty, are adventurous and love to take a hard-dick into their ass. Exclusive HD quality videos, and access to over 5 sites in the Trans500 network and an amazingly easy affordability makes SuperRamon a must-have site in your collection.

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