Shower Spy Cameras

Shower Spy Cameras


There are plenty of voyeur websites on the internet but none of them can match up to what’s on offer at Shower Spy Cameras. The content that the website is quite different from what you might be used to and there are plenty of ways that the website can offer you some amazing entertainment. One of the first things that you will notice is that unlike other websites the women are completely oblivious to the fact that there are cameras watching them and they have been filmed quite discreetly without anyone realizing that all of their naughtiness in the showers is being recorded. The cameras are hidden by Laura, who is a recurring character in most of the videos and she hides cameras in the sneakiest of places to ensure no one knows. She calls herself the most perverted girl you will ever see and she makes her way into locker rooms and showers to place cameras where most of the content that you see at Shower Spy Cameras is recorded. The cameras are hidden in benches, lockers and a lot other places where no one suspects and they get on with their activities remaining oblivious to the fact that they are being recorded. The videos are quite amazing and considering most of the videos are of fresh girls, they have slender bodies that will make you swoon over them in a matter of minutes. Getting around the website is relatively easy thanks to the easy navigation features and you can get all of the content you want downloaded on your hard drive. The website has been renovated plenty of times and the current set of features makes getting around the website quite simple and you will also have access to a wide range of advanced search options. There are hundreds of videos and the collection seems to be building up at a steady pace. You will get access to frequent updates and there are plenty of individual movies that last for short periods of time. While most of the videos last approximately 5 minutes just because they are voyeur videos, there are some that are longer. Many of the videos are broken in parts to show the content from different camera angles and the oblivious women just play into the trap and end up getting themselves exposed. You can rate all of the videos in the favorites section and it’s the best place to go to in case you want to see saved favorites over time. Generally voyeur websites do not put much focus into the quality of videos but Showers Spy Cameras have put in a lot of effort to get their high quality cameras fixed in all the right places to ensure they get to show the women in all their glory. The girls go on changing their clothes and shower without knowing they are being filmed and if you are someone who loves that kind of stuff then you definitely need to head to the website and become a member now. You can download the Full HD MP4 files to your computer or you can use the built in video player to get all of the content streamed on your computer. The website is one of the best voyeur porn sites in the internet and the fact that they publish only high quality videos makes the overall experience a whole lot better.

Site Layout

The amazing user interface makes the website very easy to recommend. The user interface is completely self-explanatory and the search features make finding the videos you need very easy. One of the first things you will notice is that the user interface is very friendly and you will not find any ads that will annoy you. Getting the membership allows you to access all of the videos that are on offer at one place and the wide range of features makes it all the more worthwhile. The search options are comprehensive and very easy to use if you want to find the right videos for yourself.

Chicks and Movies

The girls are extremely beautiful and you will find a wide range of girls to satisfy your thirst for some voyeur content right on the website. The content is regularly updated and you will love seeing girls of so many types coming together and changing in the locker room or getting a bit playful with others all naked. They casually change their clothes and bath without knowing that there are eyes on them and Laura does an amazing job of setting up cameras where no one will even suspect. The videos are very high quality and you can download all of them to your computer or mobile device in case you love to save all of the content from porn sites. The regular updates keeps things interesting and you will love all of the videos and images that are updated on a regular basis. You can always use the thumbnails to see if the content interests you and you can choose a video accordingly. The high quality content is amazing to view and most of the videos are in Full HD so you do not have to worry about the quality of the voyeur videos.

Bottom Line

Overall the website is great value for money and you will find plenty of members who keep coming back for more. One of the biggest plus points about the website is that it is different from what we are all used to from porn websites and it’s quite unique and offers a completely different experience.


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