Scandal On Stage

Scandal On Stage


You see a lot of scenes wherein the models get down and dirty everywhere, from indoors to outdoors, from bedrooms to cars, from forests to beaches, the can have sex anywhere and anytime and those scenes are probably seen and uploaded all the time, however there is a certain rush and excitement that comes with having sex in from of an audience. ScandalOnStage is an adult entertainment site that features models having sex in front of a large crowd, they do it on stage, on the tables or on the dance floor, there isn’t even any limit to what they can do, they have threesomes, orgies, foursomes, lesbian sex and more.

Site Layout

This adult entertainment site has been on the web since 2005 and has been delivering the best live hot and steamy sex scenes, they have thousands of high definition videos that are arranged neatly on the site and separated by pages for easy navigation. Each of their videos can be rates based on the performance of the models and the scenes made, they are also downloadable and convertible and can be transferred and watched in any device like Smartphones, Iphones, Ipads, Android phones and more.

They have thousands of high-resolution pictures that can be downloaded as well and they come in ZIP files so that it will be easier and more organized to download such large files. They have seven tabs at the top left of the site that will help you in navigating and searching for the videos of your choice, they have African, Amateur, Anal, Big Breasts, Big Butt, Deepthroat and Exotic Asian.

Chicks and Movies

This site features hot and steamy sex on stage or on the dance floor in clubs. One video showed two models walking on stage as if they were in a runway, the crowds cheered and flashes of camera were everywhere, they were wearing lingerie’s and one was blonde while the other one was brunette. They then started dancing sexily as the music started and they held each other as they grind on each other, the blonde one pulled the brunette woman closer and they started kissing passionately on stage much to the crowd’s delight. They then walked towards the middle of the stage wherein there was a couch waiting for them, the blonde woman sat down as the brunette straddled her and they kissed again, the blonde woman ran her hands all over her stomach and back as they touched tongues, the brunette then removed the blonde woman’s top revealing her bare breasts, she pushed her to the couch and removed her underwear.

She then made the blonde woman go on all fours as she rubbed her pussy over her ass, she then spread the blonde woman’s ass cheeks and ate her pussy from the back, the crowds cheered as she rubbed the blonde woman’s pussy from behind and went back into grinding her pussy on her ass. The blonde woman then grabbed the brunette’s arm and made her sit on the couch as she removed the brunette’s top, she knelt on the stage floor and made the brunette spread her legs open as she squeezed the brunette woman’s breasts and sucked on her tits and licked her nipples. She then removed her underwear showing the audience her shaved pussy and she began eating her out as she made the brunette spread her legs as wide as possible, she held on to both of her legs as she let her tongue do the work; the crowd was clapping and cheering as the brunette woman obviously moaned and screamed from pleasure and lust.

The blonde woman then stopped eating the brunette woman out and positioned herself on top of the brunette while she was sitting and began rubbing their pussies together, she moved her hips up and down as their pussies joined and their clits rubbed each other, both women had their legs spread wide open. The brunette changed positions with the blonde as she made the blonde woman sit on the armrest of the couch, she then ate her out and inserted her finger into her as she played, licked and sucked her clit. They kissed again passionately as they fingered each other the same time while kneeling on the couch, they then tasted each other’s juice before grabbing a long, pink dildo, they shared it and licked it at the same time, they sucked on the fake cock as if it was real before the blonde girl made the brunette go on all fours and inserted it into her pussy from behind.

She pumped the sex toy into her as deep and as fast as she could before she pulled it out and handed it to the brunette who then licked her own juice off of it, she continued pleasuring the brunette by inserting two fingers into her from behind. The brunette then changed places with her and she did the same thing to the blond as she used the dildo to pound her pussy with. The video then ended with both of them on the stage floor, sharing one long dildo and they were on top of the other, when both of them came they removed the dildo signaling that the show was over and the crowd cheered.

Bottom Line

ScandalOnStage is a unique adult entertainment site that shows its audience what real, live porn looks like. They do everything that you see on other adult entertainment videos but they do it in front of a large crowd and with cameras all over.


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